SATISLOH MAXIMIZES WITH A MICRO LINE. Created for integrated retail and smaller labs, the VFT MicroLab includes the VFT Micro (a generator), the Micro-Flex (a digital polisher), and an Express Coater for anti-reflective treatment. The machines link together to create a 150-sq.-ft. system. For more information, contact Satisloh at 800-866-5640 or

X MARKS THE SPOT FOR NATIONAL OPTRONICS. More space efficient than earlier models, the X series comprises the new 7Ex, 3Bx, and 4Tx. The 3Bx features refined blocking optics for high power lenses as well as batch job processing for increased productivity, and the 7Ex now includes a new drilling and grooving technique intended to avoid unnecessary tool changes between processes. The 4Tx incorporates advanced tracing algorithms for increased shape accuracy (shown here). For more information, contact National Optronics at 800-866-5640 or

QUANTUM FIGHTS UV AND HEV RAYS. RB TechTM, part of the Retinal BlissTM line of AR treatments, reduces both ultra-violet (UV) and high energy visible (HEV) backside reflections, offering increased eye protection, while allowing for a maximum transmission of light. RB Tech can be installed in most coating equipment types. For more information, contact Quantum Innovations at 888-268-3414 or

SANTINELLI TAKES ONE STEP WITH 3M. A new solution for edging hydrophobic-coated lenses, 3MTM LEAPTM LSE Finish Blocking Pads feature a specially formulated adhesive intended to increase the edging quality of hydrophobic, “non-stick,” low-surface energy-coated lenses. The company describes the pads as having a “one-step” approach, as there is no need for intermediate film. Created to adhere to hydrophobic coatings, these pads maintain axis stability and are available in five types of varying sizes and shapes, as well as for different block types. For more information, contact Santinelli International, Inc. at 800-644-3343 or

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