ARNO DEODORIZER PREVENTS SMELLY OFFICES. While the unpleasant odor emanating from edging high-index lenses in-house is common and can create a bad impression on patients, little has been done to correct it. Now, the JD-3 Deodorizer system is available as an optional accessory for use with the DIA E950 edging system from Arno Optical Corp. The Deodorizer removes the odor, while an optional Air-Filter prolongs the life of the deodorant. For more information, contact Arno Optical Corp. at 800-822-2766 or

SUPER SYSTEMS’ EYE-D IDENTIFIES YOUR PALS. The Eye-d Progressive Lens Identifier identifies laser engravings on progressive addition lenses (PALs). Laser engravings indicating manufacturer, model, material, and reference points appear when a lens is placed between the light source and the magnifier. It eliminates errors when fitting PALs by providing a clear view of the etchings. The device uses 110/220V power and measures 3 3/4-in. W x 5-in. D x 9-in. H. For more information, contact Super Systems Optical at 800-543-7376 or


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