DAC VISION’S DIGITALL FINISHES THE JOB. Offering top-quality removal and finish for lens materials on all digital and traditional equipment platforms, DigitALL™ offers clarity and improved surfaces, with impressive anti-reflective results and less haze. Formulated to provide Baumé stability and excellent polish life, this advanced polish is easy to mix and stays in suspension. It’s also easy to clean off of all lens substrates and equipment. For more information, contact DAC Vision at 800-800-1550 or COBURN GOES PRO. The newest advanced polishing compound from Coburn Technologies, Digi-Sheen PRO, is engineered to provide improved results for both conventional and digital lens polishing. Its low-viscosity formulation offers excellent suspension, and a non-corrosive formula brings a lower impact to equipment. It has a superior removal rate on all lens materials and it’s also ideal for use with most digital soft-tool laps (including HyperFlex Enduro and Clarity tools, from Coburn). For more information, contact Coburn Technologies at 800-262-8761 or
AIT LIVES ON THE EDGE. With features including integrated drilling, lensometry, autoblocking, grooving, safety bevel, and wrap frame edging, the WECO E.5, from AIT Industries, is a mid-range, patternless edging system. Its touch-screen interface is intuitive and user-friendly. This edging system’s sister product, the E.5s, includes the same features with the exception of wrap frame processing. For more information, contact AIT Industries at 800-729-1959 or OPTISOURCE FINDS ITS STICKING POINT. The Super Intermediary-Film-Pad (IFP) from OptiSource International is a second-generation anti-slip film disc created to address today’s and future hydrophobic coating developments. With its high-tack adhesive, the clear, thin film pad can grip smooth, slick, oil-resistant surfaces, and any standard blocking pad can adhere to its topside. For more information, contact OptiSource International at 800-OPTISOURCE or

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