SANTINELLI CLEARS THE AIR. Compact and user-friendly, the LED-200 removes odorous gases during high-index lens edging processing. The unit connects to any lens edger that has a grinding-chamber exhaust port and removes 90% of strong odors, according to the company. It integrates with both tank-and-pump and direct water-cooling systems and can be stored and operated from underneath a cabinet or counter. For more information, contact Santinelli International, Inc. at 800-644-3343 or PSI IS ON A ROLL. Designed to fit into Automatic Surface Tape Applicators (ASTA), PSI’s LenSaver Performance Tape is available in three lengths: 36, 60, and 108 yds. The 60-yd. roll fits into a carbide cutter ASTA, while the hot knife ASTA will accommodate the 108-yd. roll. The standard 36-yd. roll fits both manual and automatic tapers. For more information, contact Practical Systems Inc. (PSI) at 800-237-8154 or



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