COBURN’S COBALTLTE IS ON THE CUTTING EDGE. A mist-cut generator designed for processing traditional or digital free-form lenses in retail lab spaces, the CobaltLTE provides wet-cut quality results without the necessity of a water management system. With its external vacuum, this compact generator platform requires just about 20 sq. ft. of space. The CobaltLTE is compatible with qualified soft-tool polishers and with Coburn’s LaunchPad™ polishing technology. For more information, contact Coburn Technologies at 800-262-8761 or OPTISOURCE PASSES INSPECTION. Compact and ergonomically friendly, the three-in-one lens inspection station from OptiSource International includes a PAL Identifier, for bringing invisible PAL markings into focus, a Polariscope, for revealing stress in mounted lenses and injection-molded lens blanks, and a final inspection lamp, with a white light for spotting any issues with the finished eyewear. The counter-height machine is suitable for viewing mounted or unmounted lenses. For more information, contact OptiSource International at 800-OPTISOURCE or



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