COBURN LAUNCHES NEW AR TREATMENT SYSTEMS. Making anti-reflective (AR) treatment systems available for retail environments, these new high-performance systems from Coburn Technologies, Inc. include a range from high-volume wholesale to a true retail system. The product is intended to enable ECPs to offer high-quality AR to their patients while improving their bottom line, according to the company. For more information, contact Coburn Technologies, Inc., formerly Gerber Coburn, at 800-843-1479 or


DYNAMIC LABS GOES GREEN WITH PROEDGE. Available in 1,000- and 2,000-count rolls, the ProEdgeâ„¢ blocking pad from Dynamic Labs features a new combination of materials formulated to avoid slippage while easily deblocking on all lens types, according to the company. Both sides of the green pad feature the same adhesive, for further ease of use. For more information, contact Dynamic Labs at 888-339-6264 or

LEYBOLD GETS INTEGRATED WITH EMINENT. The new, premium AR lens treatment process from Leybold, EMInent, features the AR stack designed in conjunction with lens hardcoatings, providing high quality and durability. The product combines an anti-static layer as well as a super hydrophobic topcoat, allowing for a higher level of scratch resistance and cleanability. For more information, contact Leybold Optics USA, Inc. at 919-657-7100 or


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