Echo by Eyemaginations helps you inform your patients wherever they are.

Understanding is key in any relationship, including the one with your patients, and one of the best ways to achieve this is through better communication.
Eyemaginations has made it easier to convey information to your patients anywhere on any digital device. Echo is designed to help you educate your patients everywhere they are thinking about their health–in your office, at home or even with family and friends.

The core of Echo is a customizable media library that you can categorize into a favorites list of educational videos and animations on procedures such as cataract surgery, Lasik and eye anatomy. They can be emailed to your patients, shared online through social media, uploaded to your website, played on a loop in your waiting room and used during an exam to help illustrate talking points with your patient. Since the program is cloud based, there is no need to worry about software, upgrades or downloads; the only requirement is an Internet connection. Benefits include statistics where you can track patients’ viewing habits to see which presentations are in high demand, as well as the effectiveness of specific videoes.


Research shows that the majority of patients seek medical information online before finding their doctor. Having a website that offers the Echo library can help you increase your capture rate for acquiring new clients, and it can bolster your reputation as a tech leader. You can upload your own content, such as pictures and videos, and even send pre-appointment emails to your patients, preparing them for the visit while instilling confidence.


Rather than have a patient watch TV or flip through a magazine while they wait, they could be learning via Echo about new products, services and procedures you are now offering. This can be done in large scale using a TV screen or silently with videos called “Vignettes.” The end goal is to maximize effectiveness in your office, and having a patient better understand a particular concept or topic ahead of time helps everyone stay productive.

In the exam room, Echo can be used for visual learning, where the user can draw on a touchscreen device to better explain things to a patient. Best of all, favorites are available in one click, so there is minimal lag and less time wasted on buffering.


Education and branding do not have to stop with the office visit. With Echo, you can send your patients comprehensive presentations to help with education on a procedure, treatment instructions and recall reinforcement. Encourage patients to share with family members. This will help reduce calls from loved ones who are watching out for your patients. Think of these materials as virtual brochures that highlight your practice as the technology leader within your field.

Frank Gimbel, ABOC-AC, is an advanced certified optician and owner of Gimbel Eye Associates in Wayne, PA.

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