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Regardless of how efficient your office runs, there are situations in which your patients are waiting and could benefit from a device to keep them company or to distract them for a few minutes. Make the most of that time by grabbing their attention with a strategically placed patient education device in your waiting room or office. Increasing their knowledge can ultimately help increase your sales.

Patient education tools can be as simple as a loop on a monitor that explains your products and services, or something more high-tech like a selling device in your dispensary. Research these options to find out what might work best for you and your practice.

EyeStar TV turns bland patient waiting rooms into areas that engage patients in an entertaining and informative manner. This all-in-one unit provides customized presentations about your practice, products, services, and more. Since no two practices are alike, EyeStar TV systems can be tailored to meet the needs and budgets of small or large operations. The company’s research shows that patients are five to 10 times more likely to respond to dynamic digital media compared to standard countercards, which helps to lead to higher profits.

On the optical side, offering an education tool will likely benefit sales by helping patients better understand all the various bits of information you’ll be discussing with them. The ABS Smart Mirror Mobile App for the iPad, for example, helps with frame selection and lens add-ons. The Smart Mirror Mobile App even offers pinpoint electronic PD and multifocal measuring.

Upgrading your visual acuity charting system is sure to make a positive impact during your next patient exam. Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments’ InSight Visual Acuity System is an all-in-one system that combines every chart needed during an exam, and it features an image education library that instructs patients when they’re seated in the chair. The handy, luminous remote control saves time and helps you breeze through your exams. The unit is compact, is both HDMI and Plug-n-Play VGA compatible, and requires nothing more than a standard PC screen and a power outlet, which are included. Included video clips are in color and screen resolution is optimized to the sharpest clarity.

With so many patients researching what they buy before they buy it, it’s a good idea to update your website with patient education videos and tutorials. A service like EyeMotion can help create a video learning center for your site that’s appealing, informational, and easy to navigate. The videos break down various optical options, such as the benefits of anti-reflective lens treatments, and offer visual demonstrations of different lens add-ons. EyeMotion also offers a wide range of educational videos that inform patients about a number of conditions, such as macular degeneration, for example.

Eyemaginations’ cloud-based Echo software platform is an online and internal office resource that allows patients to access your education materials on mobile phones, online, and via email. You can choose from a wide range of customized elements for both your website and for display in your waiting room. A host of interactive teaching tools are also accessible to you on a digital sketchpad to help increase your patients’ understanding of what’s being discussed with them in your office. Being able to send them home with the presentations you covered during their exam ultimately improves patient compliance and recall, and they can share all of the materials you provided with their family and friends.

Francis Gimbel, Jr., is a licensed optician and owner of Gimbel Eye Associates in Wayne, PA.


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