Founded in February 2005, YouTube has quickly become the Internet’s main video hub. From professional to amateur videos, you can find it all on YouTube and there are millions of videos to watch. In fact, one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second! Why is YouTube so popular? Due to our love of watching videos, portable recording devices to capture the action, and relative ease of use to upload, edit, and publish videos.

You’ve surely watched a video on YouTube that made you appreciate how great YouTube is for spreading information around the Web. Perhaps it was the infamous “David After Dentist” video, or maybe one of the videos of Rosie and Sophia performing on The Ellen Show (some of my personal favorites). Perhaps it was a how-to video or replay of a live event. Inevitably you were entertained, educated, and informed by these videos, which is exactly what it can help your business do for your patients.

Once you create a YouTube page for your business, you’ll need to begin adding content to it. You could list videos that others have uploaded on your page to share with your customers. Training tools on products and eyecare tips and instructions are easy to find on YouTube. You could also create your own videos using a portable recording device such as a FlipCam or iPhone camera. Both are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. Record whatever your patients would find interesting, educational, or entertaining. Be authentic and represent your brand as you would using any other marketing medium. If your audience is fun, don’t be stuffy and vice versa.

Don’t expect your videos to “go viral.” You should feel accomplished in reaching a few hundred views if those views are patients or potential ones. That is a much more meaningful interaction for your business and that’s what social media is all about! Check out a few examples of businesses using YouTube in our industry:

Jessica Clark is an eight-year marketing veteran in the optical industry. She has led successful social media campaigns in line with overall marketing strategy for VisionWeb.

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