More advanced edging units give ECPs more choices.

Essilor Instruments USA’s newest lens edging system, the Neksia™, is built on a reliable, durable platform that combines a high-performance edger and frame tracing system with a computer-assisted centering and blocking device. Together, they work seamlessly to optimize workflow. The Neksia is an ideal edger for in-house finishing- ECPs who install the Neksia finishing product will soon realize a fast return on their investment. They can replace patients’ lenses and frames at a quicker rate and in so doing ramp up patient satisfaction.

Speed, precision, and ease of use define the Neksia which is offered with or without drilling. The Neksia has a full range of finishing functions: tracing, centering, blocking, edging, grooving, safety beveling, and polishing. It can also handle a wide spectrum of premium lenses and frames. Neksia has a user-friendly touch screen, extended frame tracing, and fast and precise lens centering, so ECPs can access the settings quickly.

With the Neksia, Essilor Instruments combines years of experience in high-performance and precision edging into one of the most user-friendly and productive systems yet. Essilor Instruments is promoting the edger at industry conventions and in e-blasts, magazines, and journals. It guarantees the performance of the Neksia by saying “it’s the edger every ECP needs to race through their workloads.”


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