The heart of the Santinelli Lex-1200 is the high-curve tracer that reduces pressure by 50%.
The ergonomically designed Delta 2 from
Essilor Instruments eliminates the need
for a separate tracer and blocker.

The New Year brings all kinds of resolutions to everyone including eyecare professionals (ECPs), who can refit their busy dispensaries with powerful new choices in lens processing equipment.

The Alta Evolution edger from Briot USA brings exciting capabilities for lens edging with four 90mm wheels that edge all lens materials such as polycarbonate, CR-39, Trivex, high index and glass. Furthermore, the Alta Evolution can handle today’s rimless frame choices with integrated drilling functions, countersunk holes, notches and oblong holes with a drill angle capability of 0-30Ëš. Lens finishing features continue with five bevel program choices and five grooving modes that are easily accessed by a control panel. Lens designs are taken into account by utilizing a variable chuck pressure based on lens materials and surface coatings.

In addition, the Alta Evolution Tracer/Blocker with Gravitech Technology from Briot features an optical tracing system that can utilize one reference point to re-create a lens shape in four seconds. This results in truer sizing and lens shape that is superior to mechanical tracers.

Coburn Technologies, Inc. brings in the New Year with the HPE-8000X edger, successor to the popular HPE 8000 unit. (See page 60 for a Closeup on the HPE-8000X.) Coburn has brought the step bevel function that is generally available in expensive edging machines to the HPE-8000X edger at an affordable price point. The step bevel allows the ECP to process high wrap lenses for sports goggles and sunglasses without the need for outsourcing and losing potential profit. Six edging modes and eleven edge treatment options assure the lenses will complement whatever eyewear the patient chooses.

Frame and lens parameters can be DCS job files for quick retrieval in a folder format. Machine fabrication features include a proprietary axial roughing mode in which the lens doesn’t rotate until the thickest portion of lens stock is removed. This is used in conjunction with the hydrophobic mode and adaptive swivel chuck, eliminating lens slippage. Finally, an upgraded high performance wheel gives greater edging speed and high luster edge finishes.

For 2017, Essilor Instruments USA offers the Delta 2 Compact Edging System. The Delta 2 is versatile and precise, saving on time and labor. Utilizing a new all-in-one electronic display eliminates the use of traditional instruments such as a separate tracer and blocker. This further results in comfort for the operator due to advanced ergonomic design. The Delta 2 utilizes time management features by employing a parallel system in its operation. The technician can trace and block upcoming jobs while the Delta 2 is edging existing work. The trace blocking system utilizes place-and-trace 3D technology in which any shape can be traced within seconds, accurately using Optical Shape Tracing Technology (OST).

National Optronics brings in the New Year quietly with the QM-X3 dry-cut edger. The unit has a more vertical profile that preserves precious bench space. Quiet is the word because the loud vacuum systems typically used to eliminate dry lens waste is now gone. Waste simply drops into a collection bag for disposal. Upgraded dual diamond blades produce superb edge quality and reduce the frequency of tool changes, lowering overall fabrication costs. Operation of the machine itself is 20-30% more efficient with the introduction of dual side probes that eliminate unnecessary movements.

Santinelli International, Inc. offers the cutting-edge technology of the Lex-1200 Lens Edger and the Ice-1200 Blocker. The heart of the unit is an advanced high-curve tracer with a variable fulcrum stylist that reduces tracing pressure by 50%, thereby eliminating size and shape distortion on even the thinnest, most flexible frames.

The software of the Lex-1200 edger provides increased processing speeds and multiple bevel presets, including a high-curve bevel function and a semi-step bevel for wrap eyewear designs.

Furthermore, the ECP who chooses to fabricate drill jobs in-house can obtain a Lex Drill “side car” unit that interfaces with the Lex-1200 edger and automatically processes drill jobs. Finally the Ice-1200 blocker utilizes a multicolor touch screen with intuitive graphics for fast and easy operation.

The New Year brings a bountiful selection of edging technology to improve service in the ECP’s dispensary. Make that resolution now.

Richard W. McCoy, LDO, ABOC, NCLEC, is an opticianry instructor at Hillsborough Community College in Fort Myers, FL.

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