Using vertical wheel technology and a 3D lens sensor, the Dia E-1000 multi-axis lens edger from Optek International quickly and accurately cuts any lens regardless of style, material and power. Among its unique features is the ability to re-work a lens even if the lens was deblocked and the data lost. Simply put a block anywhere on the lens and press the “check” button on the touch screen. The E-1000’s 3D lens sensor will measure the shape, thickness, curve and size of the lens edge in the accuracy of 0.01mm and transfer those data to the re-edge program of the computer. The E-1000 automatically memorizes the process data of the past 20 jobs.


Saves 20 jobs of automatic re-edge data, unlike others
that only save the data from the last lens processed.
Advanced Probe Technology acts as a second tracer, using the Lens Capture
Data System to take any lens, even one edged by an outside lab, and
accurately groove, safety bevel or even re-edge a deblocked lens.

High curve lens processing features an additional finishing
wheel option for either high minus or wrap frames.

The E-1000 can re-edge a lens even if it was deblocked.

Faster polycarbonate and Trivex groove processing, finishing edges concurrently
and efficiently cleaning the grooves of polycarbonate material.

Flexible, axis-indexing lens blocks and chucks allow faster
processing and perfect axis on a wide range of lenses.


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