Featuring eight different types of edging, six edging positions and four retouch options, the new Excelon Edger HPE-410 from Coburn Technologies hits all its numbers.’

• For a cost effective solution, 
available with built-in tracer or 
as separate add-on.
• Eight edging types: bevel, 
mini bevel, partial bevel, rimless, 
grooving, partial grooving, dual 
grooving, hybrid grooving.
• Six edging positions: 
auto, manual, base curve (absolute), 
percent, front offset, rear offset.
• Four retouch options: size, polishing, grooving, safety bevel.
• Retouch up to six of the 
latest six single-sided edges or 
three double-sided edges.
• Bar code reading capability.
• Image resolution on 9.7” touch screen 
is 1,024 pixels x 768 pixels.
• Direct DCS (OMA) skips 
the conversion step to save time and 
concerns regarding file duplication.
• External memory capability 
for SD cards.
• A single click of the button 
sets hydrophobic mode and all edging options for axis-safe cutting.
•Users can manage jobs 
that have been paused, completed 
and saved or jobs currently 
being processed.
• The next edging task can be prepared while the edger is in process.

Designed to keep up with eyecare professionals’ finishing demands, the new HPE-410 Excelon Edging System from Coburn Technologies comes enhanced with a stronger wheel with longer durability. Its adaptive lens chuck and position sensor are designed to eliminate lens slippage. A stronger motor and more edging options are included along with an optional integrated 3D tracer module. For more accurate and intelligent lens power reading, its 3D binocular features a resolution of 14,400 points. Sized 24-in. W x 22.5-in D x 13.5-in H, the new HPE-410 can easily fit on any countertop. The new HPE-410 Excelon Edging System joins the complete family of Coburn Technologies’ edging systems to meet any need and budget, ranging from basic automatic cutting to highly sophisticated drilling, customizable bevel/grooving positioning and milling for hydrophobic lenses.

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