VCPN surveyed a group of eyecare professionals to find out their opinions on branding, and this is what they said:

appointment cards 77%
cleaning kits 53%
eyeglass cases 43%
pens 32%
microfiber cloths 29%
reusable shopping bags 22%
mugs, glasses, water bottles 10%
car eyeglass/
sunglass clip 5%
t-shirts/clothing 5%
repair kits 2%
eye masks 2%
other 8%

other: flyers, post-op supply kits, drink koozies, calendars, notepads, knives, cellphone chargers


all four seasons 41%
other 22%
no windows 17%
monthly 10%
every holiday 9%
weekly 1%

other: never, three years, one to two years, some quarterly/some monthly, occasionally when new product is introduced, when I get tired of what is there

own branding 55%
external service 16%
both 29%

external: local, national, manufacturer-supplied materials, LensCrafters, Vision Source, Innexus Pro, iMatrix, Facebook, Google, Vistaprint, Quil

“In-house video loop.”
“Window decorations.”
“Window ads.”
“Word-of-mouth and social media.”
“Database use.”
“Open invitation for feedback.”
“Television commercials.”
“Our bags!”
“Strong Google presence.”
“Signage by me that truly educates and
communicates without the slick ‘sales’ bites.”
“Window display featuring a brand.”
“Local race t-shirt.”
“Repetition and consistency.”
“New logo and tagline being used with every promotion and communication we design.”
“Logo and name.”
“Low prices.”
“Our website.”
“Good care and service.”
“Referral cards.”
“Business cards for appointments.”
“Performing a survey and asking participants for their pearls of wisdom and then accumulating their responses.”
“Being a consistent long-time vendor at the Southern Women’s Show.”
“Cards and mailers.”
“Trunk shows.”
“Social media/direct email.”
“Lens promotions.”
“Live, three-minute local radio ads.”
“Yearly trunk show hype and cool useful giveaways.”
“Advertising and promotions at local high school.”
“Branding the doctor and his reputation via patient referrals, handouts and testimonials.”
“Youth sports and banners.”
“Speaking at groups, health fairs, clubs or teacher groups.”
“Branded social media posts.”
“Staff, word-of-mouth, how we answer the phone.”
“Encourage referrals.”
“Trade magazine advertising.”
“My 40 years in practice!”
“Information on new products and medical information handouts or via digital forms.”
“In-person health fairs, senior expos. We give out branded mugs with branded goodies for two-pair purchases. We use branded mouse pads at every desk.”
“Branding within the office; making everything uniform for the patients.”
“We have an office dog.”
“We do not promote at all and have 30% to 35% new patients every year. Great service has spread word-of-mouth like wildfire!”
“Health fairs and getting our face out there.”
“Email reminding.”
“Pens; patients come back every year and look forward to getting a new pen. We took the time to find a design that was comfortable and wrote well so patients would actually use them and now just take them and lose them. Our local DMV has even been spotted using one with a string on it so no one can steal it!”
“Hand out business cards to every patient who enters our office.”
“Offering services not provided by other local offices.”
“Sponsored sporting events.”
“Smiling faces.”
“Recall cards with applied discount.”
“Using logo on all electronic communication with patients.”
“We give away pens with our name on them, and our patients give them to others. Our name and number are always within reach.”
“Logos on the polo shirts staff wears.”
“Consistent colors and logo.”
“Key chains.”
“Staff wearing the products that we carry.”
“Branding with health facility.”
“Punch balloons.”
“National Vision Source recognition.”
“Having the nicest dispensary locally with a beautiful saltwater aquarium.”
“Free vision screenings.”
“Sunglasses for kids in all daycares locally.”
“Offering digital retinal scans.”


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