VCPN surveyed group of eyecare professionals to find out their opinions on 3D-printed eyewear; this is what they said:

What are your overall thoughts on 3D-printed eyewear?
“Customization creates a unique experience for the patient. While the market is in its infancy for this product, it’s an exciting option that will grow the retail business and keep patients from exploring the low cost/low quality of the internet and chains.”

“At this time, the product is a niche product. With improvements in technology, I see it widespread. Initially, with the costs of production being higher, it will be online or possibly available from vendors with increased cash flow.”

“A great opportunity for completely customized eyewear in design and fit.”

“What about frame parts such as hinges, nosepads, etc.?”

“Nice to design individual shapes, also size.”

“Quality is improving. Don’t underestimate the potential of 3D-printed eyewear, especially as it pertains to customization and personalization.

“Cool technology.””
“I can’t imagine that this will work, but it will be great for the patient.”

“Currently in its infancy with good technology but inexpensive looking designs that can’t justify the cost to the consumer.”

“The future has arrived!”

“Consistency is key. If they can’t maintain accuracy, we won’t use them.”

“In the world of customizing everyting, it will be a great addition to any progressive-thinking office.”

“If quality and durability can be maintained, the advantages of convenience and customization are evident.”

“I think it is an exciting possibility that we would create frames in house.”

“It would be interesting to see how it works, the quality and durability of the product.”

“It could make a practice independent plus allow a better selection with smarter management. Most importantly it might free industry from designers.”

“The frames I have seen are still limited in color. Material in some ways feels, for lack of a better word, cheap.”

“I think that it is a really cool technology, and I hope that it takes off in the industry.”

“No thoughts, new to me.”

“Reproduction. Unique custom designs. Cost of 3D printers that can print metal, carbon fiber or titanium.”

“Exciting technology that will utilize more customization for our patients!”

“I think it would only end up driving costs and profits down.”

“The idea is intriguing, but I would like to know more about the process and costs involved.”
“Interesting. Everyone likes new technology.”

“Seems odd.”

“Unless the cost of machine and materials has come down drastically, they would be a high-end addition only for a practice that can afford it.”

“Very cool idea depending on fashion and materials. I like the custom fit possibility of eyewear that feels like it belongs on your face, especially for oddly shaped facial features.”

“Don’t know yet.”

“Has a definite novelty appeal and could be utilized for harder-to-fit patients.”

“None at this point.”

“I worry a little about quality.”

“It is very progressive. Would totally customize eyewear for our patients.”

“I don’t know enough to have any thoughts on it.”
“Verdict still out on quality and practicality.”

“I think it is going to be a good thing.”

“Have only briefly read about it in the trade magazines.”

“Do we really need another source? What is wrong with just making frames of quality and not in China.”

“Really think it would be a great thing to have available. For the patient to be able to create their own eyewear would be fantastic.”

“Would like to see how it makes a frame.”

“I would like to see how it works and what the frames would look like when done. I would also be interested in seeing how well they can be adjusted to fit each patient, especially when they have ears that are uneven and the temples need to be adjusted to fit straight when wearing.”

“It’s new technology. How accurate is everything going to be?”
“Wave of the future.”

“It would let me make custom glasses for my patients and give a better fit to them.”

“Not impressed.”

“Haven’t seen much of it as of yet. My practice would need to see it become a lot more popular before an investment would be made.”

“As time goes on, it will be available to the masses and ultimately should allow the public to design their own looks. Worthwhile watching the technology.”

“They seem to be of good quality and price.”

“Interesting, but the cost may outweigh any benefits.”

“Don’t have any because I don’t really understand the technology and don’t think 3D-printed eyewear exists.”

“Great technology overall.”

“Quiet optimism.”


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