HOYA’S SPECTANGLE GETS PERSONAL. A new app from HOYA, Spectangle makes it easier for ECPs to prescribe personalized progressives. The application addresses time needed for taking frame and fitting measurements, equipment investment, and ease of operating measuring devices. With an iPad on hand, ECPs can quickly make on-screen adjustments, enter in Rx data and lifestyle preferences, and send orders to the lab. For more information, contact HOYA VISION CARE, North America at 800-905-2240 ext. 2024 or hoyavision.com.

REFLECTION: ABS HAS AN APP FOR THAT. ECPs with the Smart Mirror application can save space while demonstrating to patients that they’re ahead of the technology curve. This iPad app helps patients select frames by showing them images and five-second videos of themselves wearing the possibilities. It also includes information about refractive vision disorders, photochromic lenses, digital surfacing, polarization, and more. For more information, contact ABS, Inc. at 800-905-2240 ext. 20116 or smart-mirror.com.

ZEISS’ I.TERMINAL 2 MAKES ITS DEBUT. i.Terminal® 2 demonstrates great improvements in comparison to its predecessor, i.Terminal. While both versions take all necessary measurements for standard and personalized lenses with 0.1mm accuracy, the new model boasts a complete redesign and simpler interface, according to the company. Its no-nonsense design allows for an easy fit in any practice. I.Terminal 2 also features an enhanced consultation mode that includes new premium-lens-technology demonstrations. For more information, contact Carl Zeiss Vision Inc. at 800-905-2240 ext. 2012 or zeiss.com/lenses.


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