COMLITE SENDS OUT SIGNALS. The LAN4000 is the first software-based light signaling system of its kind. Introduced by Comlite Systems, the software subtly informs technicians when they are needed, using a light-signaling interface. It also reveals when an exam is complete, which patient needs to be seen next, and how many patients are waiting. ECPs can download a free 15-day trial before committing. For more information, contact Comlite Systems at 800-426-5271 or comliteinfo.com.

OCUPORT KEEPS PATIENTS ENGAGED AND ENTERTAINED. From high-definition videos that educate to contact lens training stations, Ocuport has waiting rooms covered. Services range from basic (free) to premium (includes a fee), and offerings include a digital visual acuity system, doctor-to-patient e-mail system, computerized amblyopia treatment (for home and office), Internet radio, and even CE for ODs. The company can help ECPs set up a Web site that incorporates Ocuport media as well. For more information, contact Ocuport at 866-506-5770 or ocuport.com.

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