SPECTECH MAKES DISPENSING EASY. With the virtual sales aid SpecTech, ECPs can take measurements (including panto, wrap, and vertex) and offer lens demonstrations to show patients the differences in the vast range of available options. Examples of treatment possibilities are clearly explained, including anti-glare, scratch protection, and sunwear lens options, and patients can also learn from the polarized (shown here), Transitions®, and progressive lens simulations. This digital dispensing tool’s accurate measurements help eliminate the need for remake costs. For more information, contact Harbor, Soderberg & Walman Optical at 877-863-2759.

AIT TAKES A WALK IN A CLOUD. User-friendly and convenient, the visuReal® Portable attaches to an iPad with a proprietary optical system. With the help of a calibration tool that sits on the patient’s frame, the new video centration system from AIT Industries accurately determines centration values including pupillary distance, fitting heights, boxing dimensions, head rotation and inclination, and vertex distance. Cloud computing eliminates the need for bulky hardware. For more information, contact AIT Industries at 800-729-1959 or aitindustries.com.


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