EXTENSIVE UPDATES UPGRADE OFFICEMATE AND EXAMWRITER. OfficeMate® 9.0 features 175-plus enhancements that include a faster multilocation SQL database, Electronic Remittance Advice, a calculator to determine patient out-of pocket expenses, a redesigned scheduler, and a VSP-interfacing lens product loader. ExamWRITER® 9.0 includes automated PQRI code documentation, Red Flags Rule compliance, and the ability to link diagnosis codes to the program’s procedure codes. A task manager allows users to create, assign, and track tasks to specific providers and staff. The launch of the Web-based “MyInstallCenter” coincides with the new software and provides existing OfficeMate clients with a smooth upgrade and training. For more information, contact Eyefinity/OfficeMate at 877-448-0707 or officemate.net.

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED TO CREATE YOUR OWN MARKETING MATERIALS. QuarkPromote.com is an online service that helps ECPs with no previous design or printing experience to customize business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, appointment cards, coupons, letterheads, and envelopes. Anyone familiar with common office software can create marketing materials in three easy steps: 1) browse through a selection of professionally designed templates, complete with suggested marketing text and stock photos; 2) customize the template with information about the practice; and 3) place an order for printed materials to be picked up at a nearby printer or received by mail. For more information, contact QuarkPromote.com at 800-676-4575 or quarkpromote.com.

SHOW THE WORLD (WIDE WEB) HOW YOU LOOK IN SILHOUETTE FRAMES. Expanding on its online tool that allows wearers to try on the company’s styles via computer, Silhouette’s Virtual Mirror 2.0 lets users share images of themselves in Silhouette’s styles while receiving feedback from family and friends via Facebook and Twitter. Upload your photo to the Virtual Mirror 2.0 app and click through the styles. Save a pair you like to your photo album, post it on Facebook or Twitter, and get instant feedback, turning the worldwide social media community into your personal style consultant network. For more information, contact Silhouette Optical, Ltd. at 800-223-0180 or silhouette.com/vm.


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