TRY ON SILHOUETTE FRAMES FROM ANY INTERNET ACCESS. The Silhouette Rimless Aesthetics Program, designed by renowned make-up artist Mary Greenwell, features the virtual mirror, an online tool that allows wearers to try on the company’s styles via computer. Users upload their photos to virtually try on Silhouette eyewear, try out new colors, and experiment with different lens shapes. This gives the wearer an opportunity to select their eyewear before the optician professionally fits the “real” tangible pair. For more information, contact Silhouette Optical, Ltd. at 800-223-0180 or silhouette.com/virtualmirror.

SOLOHEALTH UPGRADES EYESITE KIOSK. SoloHealth’s EyeSite® self-service, vision-testing kiosk now includes an easy-to-understand risk meter (providing stronger motivation for consumers to seek professional eyecare) and enhanced doctor information screens with additional information about a practice (such as specialties, insurances accepted, hours of operation, etc.). The interactive EyeSite kiosks are free to use and assess consumers’ near and distance vision as well as their risk for eye disease. Users are then prompted to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with their existing ECP or one from a list of local providers. For more information, contact SoloHealth at 770-622-4158 or solo-health.com.

MACPARTLAND OPHTHALMICS COMBINES ACUITY SYSTEM WITH EDUCATION. The Sharp VA Digital Acuity software is a visual acuity system for both PC and Mac that includes a comprehensive patient education module featuring photos, videos, animations, patient simulations, and more. A remote control allows the operator more mobility when using the device. An instant rebate plus half off each additional exam room license is currently available. For more information, contact McPartland Ophthalmics at 800-348-6561 or sharpva.com.

MACPRACTICE LETS ECPS CONNECT TO PATIENTS WITH THE IPHONE. A developer of practice management and clinical applications, MacPractice, Inc. has introduced the MacPractice iPhone Interface 2.0 with remote charge posting, staff and doctor reminders, practice management reports, and access to referring doctors. The new version sports a cleaner, more intuitive user interface. Optometrists can connect to their office database to access their schedule and any patient records before calling or e-mailing the patient from the iPhone. Patient photos, alerts, and prescription and appointment histories are all available. For more information, contact MacPractice at 402-420-2430 or macpractice.com.


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