Nomad by Morel captures the spirit of seven unique cities and towns for a culturally savvy eyewear experience. 

Imagine jetsetting to Rio or Paris or London to absorb the people, food and environment as you research your new frame collection. That’s exactly what the brand managers for Morel’s new travel-inspired line, Nomad, have done.

Nomad represents a fresh direction for the French-based company, which produces Oga, Koali and Lightec. This fun and energetic brand with four concepts (48 styles) for women and three concepts for men (48 styles) offers moderate price points and a unique fashion perspective targeted to Millennials-or anyone looking for a contemporary frame without the cost of a designer label, according to CEO Tom Castiglione. “Nomad rounds out Morel’s portfolio with fashion-forward styles that hit a trendier segment,” he said. “While all of Morel’s brands are strongly defined in their DNA, Nomad is a chameleon, offering incredible flexibility to come into a trend depending on the travel destination.”

Nomad’s seven concepts embrace the flavor of global destinations Oxford, Rio, Chamonix, Dublin, Paris, Rio, Barcelona and Sakura. “Whether it is the subtle crest of Oxford, the wood grain look of Chamonix or the colorful boldness of Rio de Janeiro, each design illustrates the trend and personality of a specific locale, allowing wearers to seamlessly change their outlook by changing their frame,” Castiglione said.

Inspired by the Japanese art of origami, Sakura’s folded stainless steel temples create geometric lines with contrasting color combinations. Barcelona conjures up the bright colors, smells and music of this Catalan city. On both stainless steel and handcrafted acetate models, the edge is milled to reveal a subtle but contrasting line. The Oxford concept plays with English style and symbols reminiscent of one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. A throwback to the clean lines and vintage styles from ’70s France, Chamonix also delivers originality with a splash of color.

Castiglione is excited about bringing Nomad to market for several reasons: “Eyecare professionals will appreciate the pop to their board, the affordable quality of the collection and [having]another option from an independent to an independent.” Which destinations do you think your patients will want to go?




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