Starting with April’s trifecta of interviews with fashion icons Tim Gunn, John Varvatos and Iris Apfel, every issue of VCPN since then has featured a discussion with someone famous, either an eyewear designer or a celebrity launching a collection.

Apfel told us, “I do whatever I feel like. If I see something that I feel good about, I try it. I’m very anti-trend.” Designer Jonathan Adler conveyed that design is about “how you express your identity in something that still is accessible, wearable, interesting, leading edge”•whatever your goal is at that moment.”

This month we share a conversation with actor Jared Leto representing Carrera’s Maverick collection reimagined for its 60th anniversary. “I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum,” Leto says in this month’s Q&A. Last month, it was Shaquille O’Neal whose interview we published about the launch of his eponymous line of eyewear with Zyloware.

What’s clear from all of these celebrity conversations is that fashion is a personal matter and style is as unique as each individual exuding it.

A manifestation of the nebulous words “style” and “fashion,” design results when these two concepts are focused on specific details such as shape, texture and color, yet at the same time design also attempts to appeal to broad groups representing a particular demographic. Fashion reflects trends, while style expresses individuality. That’s a fine line to balance, reaching the masses as well as the individual with the same design, and some brands just get it.

Ray-Ban, for example, winner of this year’s ACE Brand of the Year award (in Product Buzz) has been synonymous with “cool” for decades, and its current Never Hide campaign continues that tradition.

Further insight into how design merges fashion and style is found in this issue’s “Made By Design” where six edgy sunwear designers discuss their creative philosophies. Who among them and which of the many other eyewear designs VCPN brings you each month will be the ones with the staying power to last for generations, and what are the secret ingredients that enable them to do so? The answer is just as difficult to grasp as the factors that influence our culture’s whimsical trends.

Fashion, it’s always in style; style, it never goes out of fashion. Design will forever be navigating the path to find the intersection where they both meet, attempting to bring this inexplicable concept to the masses by appealing to the individual.

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