Software company 3-D Frame Solutions, which launched in 2014, is the brainchild of Elvin Fenton, OD, owner of Texarkana Eye Associates in Texarkana, TX, and an entrepreneurial optometrist with 18 years of experience. When he discovered 3D printing, he “immediately thought of eyewear and the endless possibilities for doctors.” Able to produce customized, highly precise prints with a patient’s exact measurements at affordable prices, 3D printing allows ECPs to have a distinct marketing advantage over their competitors. “By allowing opticians to express their creativity, it helps them become more vested in the idea of 3-D printed frames, says COO Alyssa Haley. “It is really awesome to see their face when a patient picks out a frame with a finish that the optician created,” Haley enthuses.

After developing the software and testing it on several printers, 3-D Frame Solutions decided on the Flashforge Creator Pro for its package that includes the printer, the software, and five unisex frame styles. The machine is small, easy to use, and it didn’t need any parts to be replaced after a year of testing, according to Haley. For the summer, the company plans to expand the number of styles for women, men, and kids to age 30. “3D printing is easier than most people think and the margins are fantastic. Owning a 3D printer ups your cool factor.”

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