The idea behind the Aspire collection by ClearVision Optical came from a desire to incorporate fashion, technology, and the latest materials into a brand that delivers on-trend styling with innovative design and development. ClearVision believes that the line’s architectural motifs and proprietary material transcend the ordinary and positions it as an expression of life and style for those who
aspire to be independent.


Eyewear brands take months to develop and once the designs are established, it takes months to get prototypes. The ClearVision team shortened that time period by using 3D printing capabilities. With it, prototypes were generated in 60 minutes in most cases, instead of 20 weeks. 3D technology and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery enabled ClearVision to experiment with shapes and designs to find the ideal mix and will also allow it to quickly add styles as the brand matures.


Aspire’s designs reflect popular trends, classic themes, and aesthetics. The collection consists of six women’s and six men’s ophthalmics and six sunglasses (three women’s and three men’s) available in three colors each. At press time, ClearVision expected to release 12 additional ophthalmics. Aspire is geared to consumers 25 to 50 who are drawn to technology and want to project a fashionable, youthful, and professional appearance.


All 18 pieces use SDN-4 nylon-based proprietary material for the frame front. It is exceptionally lightweight, strong, durable, UV resistant, hypoallergenic, and comfortable. The material’s “memory” springs it back to its manufactured shape after being flexed. Temples are made of either stainless steel or TR-90. Screwless hinges deliver worry-free wear and the proprietary, anti-slip adjustable nosepad system promises additional comfort. ECPs and patients can interchange the six unique temple styles, ensuring that consumers can take eyewear
personalization to a new level.


Creative is a sophisticated wayfarer-inspired ophthalmic that will make any woman feel professional and fun. It features TR-90 temples. Free has a sleek ophthalmic design and a contemporary modified rectangular shape. Stainless steel temples boast decorative slots for a sporty look.

Powerful’s shape is reminiscent of the old B & L Burbank shape but with a sharper profile that any woman or man would enjoy wearing. The TR-90 temples of this ophthalmic frame widen midway down the shaft and narrow again toward the earpiece for a notched look. Unique is an ophthalmic cat eye with stainless steel temples that feature an open-lattice design that’s wider and rounded at the endpiece.

Famous is a large, sexy cat-eye sunglass that will make the wearer feel like a superstar. Its TR-90 temples widen midway and have that vintage notched appearance.


ClearVision offers a variety of merchandising materials, including countercards, a brand ID, and a banner. ECPs can also show Aspire with a choice of a 12-piece standing display and/or three individual pedestal displays, or a one-piece display, as well as frame-board highlighters.

Aspire dares to be different while promising on-trend fashion using modern materials and design techniques.

Michelle Titzkowski is the practice manager at Vision Clinic Dr. Savin and Associates in Racine, WI.

ClearVision Optical Co. • 800.645.3733 • aspireeyewear.com


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