Style No. DJ6703

Race-car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. is undoubtedly the most recognizable name in NASCAR. As the third generation of a racing dynasty, the highest-paid driver in the sport, and NASCAR’s most popular driver nine years in a row, Earnhardt has transcended racing and become a genuine celebrity. Now New York Eye brings his legacy to the optical market with the Dale Jr. ophthalmic collection.
Dale Jr. is a lifestyle brand based on Earnhardt’s image. His fans are spread across three generations of women and men who like to be on the edge.

The designs in the collection are aggressive and use contrasting shapes and colors to generate excitement. While the frame fronts are standard shapes and sizes, the temples are far from static. Style No. 6707 has a clean, strong rectangular frame front that gives way to assertive two-tone temples with four rectangular cut-outs that are reminiscent of a car’s side vents; a silver stripe along the bottom half of the temple acts as a racing stripe. Another model, Style No. 6703, plays with the vent idea as well, this time with a split temple. The semi-rimless frame also has a curved frame front that evokes the lines of a vintage car.

Style Nos. 6701 and 6702 use wood-grain inserts on the temples. The unusual material contrast not only adds action and texture but also brings to mind the bygone trend of wood-paneled cars. A light, feminine frame, Style No. 6706 has decidedly bold touches. The filigree-etched temples start at the bottom of the endpiece and swoop upwards. Its low-to-the-ground feel and curves are like the fender of a vintage car.

From L to R: Style No. DJ 6707, DJ 6706, DJ 6701, DJ 6702.

The Dale Earnhardt Jr. collection will surely help you cross the finish line with your patients.

Kate Jacobs is an optician at the optical shop at Scheie Eye Institute at the University of Pennsylvania.


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