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The Fiery CAPOTE

Copenhagen-based Ørgreen burns up with its limited-edition Frames on Fire collection.

Founded in 1997 in Denmark, handmade in Japan and sold in 50 countries worldwide, Ørgreen’s penchant for innovation and exploring new creative realms has made an indelible mark in the industry. The three entrepreneurs and longtime friends, Gregers Fastrup, head of sales; Henrik Ørgreen, CEO and creative director; and Tobias Wandrup, head of design and co-founder, collaborate and create in an old townhouse in Copenhagen. In addition to a pioneering drive, the trio is known for timeless design and concepts that last. Clean lines and straightforward aesthetics-with an element of the unexpected-define their Scandinavian eyewear, which is made to enhance the individuality of the wearer.

This season is no exception. Drawn to the effect of patina on metal and the beauty of aging in style, Ørgreen’s design team used a natural element to color the titanium: fire. The result is Frames on Fire, a collection of three ophthalmic and three sunglasses. Using a special technique, the artisans imprinted flame colors onto titanium for an iridescent effect that ranges from purple/red to blue/yellow, depending upon the temperature of the firing process.

When it comes to establishing shades for each season, color designer Sahra Lysell creates a set of curated hues and combinations, making every piece of eyewear unique. According to the company, the colors are inspired by architecture, astronomy, desert storms and even Victorian wallpaper. They are developed “drop-by-drop” in a “playful chromatic dialogue” that adds zest to the clean lines and minimalistic frame styles. When it comes to creating the frames and committing to the process, said a company spokesperson, “Our design and development phases have always been playful, but our end objective remains the focal point of our ambitions. Our design team uses hand drawings, 2D and 3D programs, models and prototypes-whatever it takes until the right look emerges.

“Simple, streamlined and sophisticated, Ørgreen frames have a sense of movement so even though they’re placed on people’s faces, there’s nothing static about them.”

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