Social media has become a major pillar in most marketing plans for businesses of all sizes. Sometimes business owners avoid posting to social channels because they’re afraid of the responsibility of keeping up a page, worried that they may get negative comments or just plain don’t know what to say. Don’t let your apprehension hold you back. Start thinking about how you can use social media as a place to connect with your patients on a new level.

Here are some questions to ask yourself while you create your social media posts.

What do you want to post?

In addition to educational resources, you can talk about a holiday or awareness day, staff recognition, new products or services, or you can post things for fun that still resonate with your audience and relate on some level to your business.

What is the value to patients?

A lot of business owners stick to educational posts only because they don’t know that there is value in showing personality. People often search the Internet to find businesses that seem happy and fun along with being reputable and respected. Maybe show that members of your staff have accomplished something, that you’re running a promotion or that you are warm and welcoming.

What is the call to action?

If you post about job openings, services or community events and ask people to like your page and invite friends, that is a call to action. If you’re linking to a page on your website that has information for patients, tell them to click the link for details or to contact you with questions. The clearer and more concise, the better!

More Don’ts and Dos

Problems that we often see with practices are that they don’t post frequently enough or that it’s always the same subject. First, you want to post at least a couple times a week, otherwise you won’t get much exposure. Second, don’t just post one type of article; people don’t want to see a non-stop stream of self-promotion. Post about community events you’re supporting, new technology and highlights of your staff. It’s more fun and interesting, and that’s what will eventually make your social media pages successful.

Don’t be afraid to use social media to have some fun. It is a less formal way of communicating with patients, so it’s acceptable to put up silly Halloween photos of staff or videos of you modeling the latest eyewear. Your fans will enjoy it!


Samantha Toth is the resident marketing rockstar for Innereactive Media, a full-service marketing company specializing in the optical industry, in Grand Rapids, MI.

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