Trivex from PPG is the first new lens material to be offered in Coppertone polarized lenses from VISION EASE since its polycarbonate introduction in 2007. The lightweight, high-performance lenses combine durability and chemical resistance with Coppertone’s sun protection. Coppertone Trivex lenses are immediately available in gray and brown semi-finished, single-vision lenses. They can be used with all sunglass and frame styles, from wrap to rimless.






“Today’s health-conscious consumers are looking for performance and protection in their sun lenses,” said Grady Lenski, chief marketing officer of Hoya Vision Care, Americas. “Coppertone Trivex lenses stand up to the demands of increasingly active lifestyles and deliver performance across all prescriptions and sunglass styles.”

Like Coppertone polycarbonate lenses, Coppertone Trivex lenses block 100% UVA and UVB rays, filter solar blue light, and eliminate more than 97% of blinding glare, according to the company. They are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin.

“PPG is proud to partner with VISION EASE to bring the performance of Trivex material to the Coppertone lens brand family,” said Phil Wojcik, PPG general manager, optical monomers and coatings. “We are excited to see the collaboration of the VISION EASE and PPG teams to develop this truly unique and versatile polarized lens.”

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