Designer Isaac Mizrahi, whose clothing line debuted at Lord & Taylor this spring, teamed up with Charmant USA to launch a stylish sunwear collection for every woman. 

There’s a handful of American designers so accomplished that their body of work has made it into a museum. Brooklyn-born Isaac Mizrahi is one of them. “An Unruly History,” which explores his unique position at the intersection of high style and popular culture, is on view at the Jewish Museum in New York City until August 7. Mizrahi is experiencing a new wave of popularity in the fashion milieu as he takes his well-respected brand to apparel and accessories. The Isaac Mizrahi New York collection for Charmant comprises 16 styles that Michele Ziss, director of product and marketing, described as “uptown elegance meets downtown cool” that also incorporates Mizrahi’s iconic patterns into classic, timeless and elegant silhouettes. In January 2017, Charmant will roll out an ophthalmic collection with 16 models.

VCPN had the distinct pleasure of talking to Mizrahi about the fabulous collection and ending the reign of the skinny jean.

MICHELE SILVER: Why did you choose Charmant as your partner for a sunwear collection?

ISAAC MIZRAHI: We have a lot of the same aspirations for the collection as a whole-classic yet current styles that appeal to all women. From designing fabulous shapes to using amazing colors and prints, I think we’ve created something pretty special.

SILVER: What are some of your favorite styles in the collection and why?

MIZRAHI: I love them all for different reasons…but if I had to pick a style, I will always love cat eye! The cat eye in this particular collection is a modern take on a classic frame. They still have the same attitude and look great on almost everyone.

Sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch to any look, from elevating a casual look to adding a little something extra to a cocktail dress.

SILVER: What is unique about sunglasses as an accessory compared to other items such as jewelry or shoes?

MIZRAHI: They’re the first accessory people see when they look at you walking down the street. If you’re wearing a really stylish pair, people are definitely going to say something! There’s also something a little bit mysterious about sunglasses-they can be your most stylish disguise. Jewelry and shoes can sometimes go unnoticed but sunglasses will always stand out.

SILVER: What are three fashion items that a woman should have in her wardrobe for spring/summer?

MIZRAHI: A spring and summer must-have would be a really comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans-ditch the skinny jeans. I’ve also seen a lot of delicate lace and really luxurious silk. So definitely introduce a lace dress or silk top to your work wardrobe this season. Last but definitely not least, every woman must have a lightweight cardigan in their closet. If there’s something special about the fit and style, you’ll be able to wear it over and over again.

Michele Silver is managing editor of VCPN.


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