DON Company’s anti-reflective materials are now distributed in the U.S. by Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI), are 99.99% pure and hold a constant hardness.
THE EZ Grip Driver ergonomic screwdriver from Western Optical Supply combines a comfortable grip with extra torque.
DAC Vision’s FormaFlex Digital Polishing Tools feature differently colored bases to simplify tool picking and loading.
Tak is an adhesive-backed anti-slip film from Salem Vision Group that removes costly slippage and premature deblocking in the edging process.

As an optical geek, I enjoy the part of my day spent shopping for new items to simplify my life as an optician. Researchers and developers are always looking into ways to make our jobs more efficient, which in turn makes working with our patients more enjoyable. We are constantly receiving catalogs and information on new items designed to either make our jobs easier or to be able to sell to our patients for their visual needs. Diving deeper into this infomercial that is constantly bombarding us reveals the following products rising to the surface.

OptiSafe lens dye packets from Phantom Research Labs, Inc. are the newest formulated dyes available from the company. After years of research and development, these advanced lens dyes are available in more than 100 colors. They provide consistent and uniform coloring and are fade resistant. OptiSafe is recommended for use on CR-39, polycarbonate and high-index lens materials. With the wide variety of color variations including blacks, greens, browns, yellows, blues and others, your patients will be sure to find just the right color for their new sunwear.

The EZ Grip Driver from Western Optical Supply, Inc. is a truly ergonomic screwdriver that saves your fingers and makes it easy to find the right tool for the job. Just like it sounds, EZ Grip allows your thumb to fit inside a cradle while your pointer finger rests on the opposite side. This provides a comfortable grip that’s great for opticians with arthritis and large or sensitive fingers. An oversized cap disperses the pressure over a large area of the palm. Because of the finger grip and cap, the EZ Grip is able to generate a large amount of twisting torque to break screws free or drive them into the barrel with tremendous force. Handles are available in six different colors, making it quick and easy to locate the right driver for each job.

DON Company’s anti-reflective materials, now distributed in the U.S. by Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI), are 99.99% pure and hold a constant hardness. In order to provide a stable make-up it is manufactured to specific granule sizing. PSI has developed a top quality, cost-effective AR stack using DON’s high purity consumables with next generation topcoats.

DAC Vision’s FormaFlex Digital Polishing Tools offer first-step polish materials that produce outstanding surface finish and clarity. The company’s exclusive black polish material yields optimum lifetime and durability while reducing torn or damaged tool surfaces caused by sharp-edged lenses. FormaFlex’s color-differentiated bases simplify tool picking and loading. They are available in convenient 10-tool packaging.

Tak is an adhesive-backed anti-slip film from Salem Vision Group that is utilized for super oleophobic and hydrophobic lenses. The revolutionary adhesive removes costly slippage and premature deblocking in the edging process. The interface between the lens and blocking pad stop applied forces during the edging process to ensure accuracy of axis and eliminate damage to the lens.

Also available from Salem are STM630 and STM640 coolants. STM630 is formulated for conventional lens grinding, exhibiting terrific lubrication for faster cycle times. It will control swarf and foam contributed to by polycarbonate material. STM640 is designed for digital lens generating. The demanding requirements of the digital generating process are addressed by the specific process of coolant. This coolant has a very low amount of foam produced.

These are just a few of the newer items available. Have a little fun today and log into their website catalogs to add to your list of must-haves. These consumables are developed with our passion for quality optical products and our need to be efficient in mind. What will you look into putting on your wish list? I know what’s on mine…now it’s time to get out my credit card.

Michelle Titzkowski is the practice manager at Vision Clinic Dr. Savin and Associates in Racine, WI.

DAC Vision 800.800.1550 • // Hilco 800.955.6544 • // Phantom Research Laboratories, Inc. 800.225.5559 • // Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI) 800.237.8154 • // Salem Vision Group 800.234.1982 • // Western Optical Supply, Inc. 800.423.3294 •

Gel Lens Cleaner, from Hilco, is available in a countertop display case consisting of 12 bottles. This product is safe to use on anti-reflective coatings and can even be used to keep cell phone/iPad screens free of grease and fingerprints. The gel-like consistency reduces the mess and dripping that can often result when using sprays.
Blu-Ban protective eyewear is Hilco’s latest release. We have listened to the lectures and read the articles about protecting our patients from the dangers of blue light, and Hilco has a solution with three comfortable trendy styles that are affordable for your patient. Blue light protection is 85% at 480nm. There are four frame styles that range in powers from plano to +2.50D. A countertop display is available and holds up to
16 pairs.



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