Master social media with help from patient engagement systems and digital marketing pros. 

In this technology age it is essential to integrate online resources with the way you run your business. Potential customers use the Internet, and increasingly social media, to find the services that they need, including eyecare practices.

Problem is, many optical practices don’t have a dedicated person in charge of managing social media nor the knowledge of how to best utilize this effective resource. So, many companies are turning to outside social media specialists to improve their digital game. But you may already have the help you need-in your patient engagement system.


4PatientCare offers numerous tools for improving patient engagement, such as patient surveys, custom notifications, email appointment reminders and professionally recorded voice messages. 4PatientCare includes a link to customer social media pages that makes them actionable through the web scheduler. It also helps set up Facebook pages to display the reviews the system gathers through surveys.


An automated marketing solution, Demandforce integrates multiple methods for gaining new patients and keeping existing ones. Demandforce will help build your online reputation by collecting patient reviews (increasing the number of positive online reviews can have a large impact for local businesses).

Demandforce also utilizes online scheduling, that includes Facebook, to simplify the way you handle appointment booking. Your patients will appreciate the streamlined approach to booking their next visit. The Facebook marketing product includes pre-built campaigns designated to generate “Likes,” reviews and appointment requests.


EyeCare Prime by Websystem3 offers a suite of services for eyecare practices including patient relationship management, commerce and digital marketing solutions. Premier, a digital marketing solution, enables doctors to build and sustain a strong online presence by attracting, engaging and interacting with today’s digitally connected patients. EyeCare Prime’s experienced digital marketing consultants work closely with each doctor to syndicate rich practice data across 60+ online directories, regularly post engaging content to social media pages, develop email marketing campaigns and create a succinct cross-platform brand story.


Through the use of various social media and digital marketing techniques, Solutionreach can help you retain patients and acquire new ones for your optical practice. The platform does help monitor reviews on social media sites and provides a Schedule Me button for your Facebook page. Although it doesn’t offer a social media marketing package, you can share patient reviews directly from the Solutionreach dashboard on Facebook and Twitter if those platforms are linked to your SolutionReach account.

Using social media is one of the most effective methods for connecting with your patients, but there’s no need for you or your staff to become experts.

Managing your social media should not be an afterthought. With it you can improve your quality of care and maintain your existing base of patients while attracting new ones.

3 Marketing Pros to Up Your Social Media Strategy

Innexus by Innereactive Media

Innexus by Innereactive Media is an all-in-one, don’t-do-it-yourself website, social media and marketing solution. Designed by certified optical professionals with extensive experience in optometry and ophthalmology, three packages can help you generate new patients online, stay connected on social media and reactivate patients with unlimited email, text and voice calls. The company also offers graphic design, copywriting and a full spectrum of other creative services.

Main Street Hub

Main Street Hub utilizes proprietary technology to offer a unique “do-it-for-you” marketing platform that integrates social media, customer reviews, web and email marketing. The goal: to help local businesses get more customers and keep them coming back, while saving them valuable time.


MySocialReach creates websites and fully manages social media accounts for opticians, ophthalmologists and optometrists. (Full disclaimer, this is my company.) The service posts relevant industry news, facts, fashion and lens technology information on your social media business pages, allowing your patients to interact with your practice and thus build patient engagement and loyalty.

Brian House is the founder of MySocialReach, a social media and search engine management technology firm specializing in the optical industry.



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