With integrated edging, blocking and drilling, Santinelli’s LEXCE lens edger can suit both new and existing labs.

This tabletop system incorporates a step-by-step Wizard for beginner users as well as Professional Mode for experts. Compact and chock-full of features, LEXCE has advanced cycle-time processing to increase productivity and provides consistent, accurate sizing.

LEXCE features 5-axis drilling and high-performance grooving with automated auto-clamping 3D tracing, plus a high-definition CAD blocker. Multi-function shape modification (shape editing) capability and drill hole imaging offers optical tracing with hole detection. LEXCE is able to grind all materials, provide safety-beveling and produce high-quality lens edge polishing.

• Fully automated auto clamping 3-D Tracing

• The unit is able to grind all materials and features a safety-bevel with multi-function Shape Modification (shape editing) and Drill Hole Imaging and provides the ultimate lens edge polish.

• Easy operation with a step-by-step Wizard for entry level beginners or Professional Mode for advanced experts

• High-definition CAD Blocker


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