Pocket Eyes Reptile from Cinzia boasts cutting-edge fashion in a small size.
John Varvatos Style No. V803 from REM marries fashion and convenience.
Marketed as ‘the thinnest reading glasses in the world,’ Italian-made EyeClix by Nannini are polycarbonate and scratch-resistant.
Style No. 472 (EZY fold) in Ducal’s FoldEZY collection comes in a smart-looking metal case.
Eyewear Inventions’ patent-pending MagReader features a built-in LED light and carabiner clip.
MicroVision’s Gideon readers for men from FGX are available in six powers ranging from +1.50D to +4.00D.

Compact readers offer on-the-go convenience in fun packaging for women and men. 

From basic colors to dazzling patterns to trendy styles and hot fashion brands, there’s a compact reader to suit an ECP’s varied patient base. For years, the market was dominated by readers that fit in a tube, but many companies have pushed forward with technology and created products that fold into the smallest orientation possible, while still looking stylish. And many of today’s readers have the option of having standard power ranges or being prescription-ready.

To make sure that these compact readers are selling as well as possible, place them prominently on counters with signage where they can be easily seen for last-minute purchases-a universal strategy suggested by all the profiled manufacturers below.

Pocket Eyes have temples that easily slide in and out, and the frame folds in half to fit into a “cute, compact case,” according to Cinzia Designs’ PR Coordinator Lindsey Reisack. “People love it because it’s different. It’s affordable, convenient, and clever.” Since the launch of the original collection, which has a rectangular eyeshape, Cinzia has introduced two new editions: Pocket Eyes Oval and Pocket Eyes Reptile, which comes in four new colors and has an updated reptile skin case. Both are available in powers ranging from +1.25D to +3.00D.

While the collections are considered unisex, there are some “feminine” color choices that appeal more to women. But, Reisack explains, the compact size appeals to both genders: “Men enjoy this reader because it literally fits in their pocket. Women love it because of the compact mirror and they can just throw it in their purse.” It’s the perfect marriage of style and convenience.

REM: JV Reader
This trend continues at REM Eyewear with its fresh reader offerings from the John Varvatos brand. The luxury brand has recently launched a new version (Style No. V803) of its first foldable John Varvatos reader (Style No. V802), with a “flattering rectangle shape,” says Gilda Mehraban, Director of Brand Management. Style No. V803 has an updated bridge and more comfortable nosepads as a result of changing their orientation while maintaining the compact shape and the presence of telescopic temples; powers range from +1.00D to +2.50D.

While designed for men, the product does have some crossover from female patients. “The reader, case, and packaging pull from the DNA of the Varvatos brand, including leather and the four signature icons,” Mehraban notes, who adds that requests for higher-end readers have increased over the last few years. “Everyone immediately understands the need for a compact reader that they can fit in a shirt pocket or in a clutch on a night out.” To continue to cater to this, Mehraban says that REM plans to launch a John Varvatos reader in the fall under the new John Varvatos SoHo collection.

Marketed as “the thinnest reading glasses in the world,” Italian-made EyeClix by Nannini are polycarbonate, scratch-resistant, and have very durable lenses, according to President Ken Komenda. There are no pins or screws that can fall out, the 7mm frames fold into a 10mm case, and the manufacturer includes a two-year warranty with every frame. “The glasses have won many awards for design, artisanship, and durability,” Komenda states.

“Wearing them is a fashion statement. They are excellent for travel or a purse, and remain protected in the slimmest of cases.” The frames come in six colors-blue, clear, gray, black, red, and brown-and in five powers, +1.00D, +1.50D, +2.00D, +2.50D, and +3.00D. ECPs receive an attractive display system that comes free with the first order of 30 pairs. Nannini has a celebrity following that includes Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt.

Some patients are just looking for a basic reader without all the fashion bells and whistles. Enter the FoldEzy by Ducal, which is marketed as a unisex product and has a signage program for ECPs. Each reader features an Rx opening, but standard magnification ranges from +1.00D to +4.00D. Ducal’s most popular style, according to Sales Manager Seymour Silver, is the “EZY fold” Style No.#472 that features a decorative metal case and spring hinges.

Additional styles comprise Style No.494, “Italian Delight,” which has twist-down plastic temples, comes in gray or blue, and is made in Italy; and Style No. 496, “Slim,” an all-metal option that comes in polished silver or gold. “We continually offer new styles and make sure to stock products in depth, which allows us to provide quick shipments,” Silver explains.

The patent-pending MagReader has a great “boy scout” aesthetic- it boasts functional details such as a handy built-in LED light and a convenient carabiner clip. When the MagReader is open, it has two powers of +1.50D and +2.25D and when closed, the magnification doubles to +3.00D and +4.50D for reading fine print. It comes with a protective and stylish carrying case, is available in black or purple, and has a variety of applications, according to President Samuel Shapiro.

“Women can use the MagReader for crafts, sewing, reading menus, and have it in the bathroom for reading prescriptions or directions on cosmetic products,” he says. “Uses for men include keeping the MagReader on their fishing tackle box or clipped to their clothing while hunting. In addition, the LED is great for looking under the hood of a car at night.” The MagReader is available in any power with double the magnification.

The MicroVision collection from FGX International features a unique folding design with telescoping temples. “Patients like the idea of this small compact reader that is very easy to open up and wear. It is also easy to fold up when it’s not in use,” says Jennifer Chan, Director of Product Development, Reading Glasses. The Gideon (for men) and Gabriella (for women) are available in six powers from +1.50D to +4.00D, in 0.50D increments, and have spring-hinged temples. Each comes with a flip-top magnetized case. FGX offers a compact display that holds 24 pieces and features a small sign that calls out the product name and relays the message, according to Chan.

Compact readers are more handy and attractive than ever, and there’s truly something for everyone. Entice your patients to make multiple purchases and help increase your revenue stream.

Michele Silver is a freelance writer in Montclair, NJ.


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