Having a disciplined process ensures transfer of vital information and reserves time to celebrate, coach and encourage.

Effective company leaders practice good communications and celebrate successes. When consulting, I’m often told, “We just don’t communicate in our company.” While I understand the point, those who say this are incorrect about what the actual problem is. There is communication, but the information being communicated is inaccurate. It’s often rumors, and it’s usually negative.

Nothing is more important than proper communication, but many company owners, general managers and other types of leaders don’t understand this. Coworkers expect and deserve to know what is happening in the company, but how can coworkers properly represent their company without being informed?

Good communication requires a process and discipline on the part of the owner or general manager. The following process consists of three types of regular meetings:

1. A once-monthly general meeting of all coworkers. In large diversified companies, it may be a general meeting by division.

2. A bi-weekly (every other week) meeting of company leaders.

3. A bi-weekly meeting with individual company leaders.

The owner or general manager facilitates the once-monthly meeting of all coworkers. These meetings should be held on the same day of the month, for example, for one hour on the second Tuesday of each month at 8am.

Make these meetings informative and fun. Tell everyone what’s happening in the company, what’s new, what they can look forward to, what’s changing, the present and near-future workload, significant new projects, new processes, new coworkers and anything else all coworkers need to know. Include birthdays and work anniversaries as these take advantage of an opportunity to recognize and appreciate coworkers.

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