Supernal’s design is based on Seiko’s 3D Virtual Reality System which recreates how we see.

Seiko’s new lens eliminates objection distortion and skew size.

Seiko Optical Products of America, Inc. designed its new Supernal progressive addition lens (PAL) series to provide clear vision through a wide area in the distance while offering a wide intermediate area. It also has a near area similar to Seiko’s Supercede II while delivering a 50% wider field at the fitting cross. The lens features a back-surface free-form design, a non-linear progressive power change along with automatic insets, and was built around a 3D virtual reality system, resulting in what the company touts as smooth and natural vision.

Supernal’s design features are all based on Seiko’s 3D Virtual Reality System. The system is a computer-based graphics design program that recreates how we see. The key here are the “3” and the “D.” Only a sophisticated computer program like Seiko’s 3D Virtual Reality System is capable of recreating and capturing for analyses the million points of reference that occur between the eyes and the correcting lenses placed before them.

The program considers a multitude of variables like the lens position in three dimensions, eye movements, the setting or physical location the lens is being used in, human traits like head turning versus eye turning, physical attributes like height (which changes the lens position and angle relative to the object), the prescription, the lens material, the lighting…you get the idea. Through this system, Seiko produces a lens that is comfortable to wear and easy to adapt to.

CUSTOMIZATION Seiko Optical Products of America’s Supernal semi-variable inset design is based off the distance Rx and the patient’s PD. As a lens increases in plus power, so does the inset. If minus power increases, the inset decreases. This means that a patient wearing a +8.00D lens may have 3.25mm of inset per eye while a -8.00D lens wearer may have a 1.75mm inset per eye. Perfected by the use of Seiko’s 3D Virtual Reality System and then implemented by their free-form design, semi-variable inset allows each lens to be custom crafted to the individual Rx.

Seiko’s non-linear corridor design is clever and innovative. In conventional lenses, you can think of a straight line connecting the fitting cross to the center of the full reading power. With Seiko’s non-linear design, the corridor follows the eye’s natural movement. The non-linear power change also incorporates semi-variable insets based on the total Rx. Seiko offers seven automatic semi-variable insets from 1.75mm to 3.25mm in 0.25mm steps. Combine this with three corridor lengths (10, 12, 14) and you have a lens with 21 corridor design possibilities to best meet the patient’s needs.

The Supernal lens offers expanded distance viewing by creating a lens where virtually all unwanted astigmatism is found below the fitting cross. Since the eye naturally follows the line of convergence when looking at near and intermediate objects, the patient’s area of focus is maintained within the corridor. The true distance area offers the widest and most distortion-free vision available, according to Seiko.


Seiko’s patented back-surface free-form design helps alleviate distortion and the “swim” effect that can be found in some other lenses. This is accomplished by moving the surface design closer to the eye. Seiko’s 100% backside free-form Supernal lens gives the wearer smooth and natural vision by providing wider fields of view across the lens and eliminating both object size and skew distortion.

Supernal is available in 1.50, 1.53 (Trivex®), 1.59 (polycarbonate), 1.60, 1.67, and 1.74 materials. Power range is +6.50D through -12.50D, with an extended cylinder range to -5.00D in the +6.50D to -7.75D power range. Add powers are +0.50D through +3.50D in 0.25D steps.

Seiko recommends the Supernal for all progressive wearers. Its combination of soft and hard design technology is easily worn by both new and experienced progressive wearers, regardless of their former lens design.

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