The key to increasing sales of HIGH-Base Curve sun lenses is in how you present them.  

One surefire way to boost revenue within your dispensary is to focus on selling sunglasses. Some of the most popular suns have high-base curve lenses, better known as wrapped designs. These designs tend to follow the contour of the face to provide more protection from the sun. Here are a few tips for getting your wrap suns sales off the ground-or better yet, improving them!


Most ECPs and patients have been conditioned to start with ophthalmic frame selection when the patient hands the eyecare professional her new Rx. Using this sales approach, Rx sunwear can easily be forgotten or pushed off to a later time. Rather than missing an opportunity to protect your patient’s eyes outdoors, consider having them select their suns before moving onto the ophthalmic sale. First impressions are always the strongest, so starting with sun lenses lets the patient know that sun protection is important.


Whenever possible, place sunwear and sun lens displays closest to the front door and windows. This gives patients the chance to try them on in direct sunlight. In this location, they will have to pass them twice-on the way in and on the way out-which can help condition them to think about suns. Some branded sunglass manufacturers like Maui Jim, Inc., Wiley X, Inc., Costa, and Rudy Project North America offer tasteful displays, posters, counter materials, and attractive packaging to help promote sales of their products. Look for options that highlight built-in polarized lens displays.


Wrap sun lenses that represent the leading edge of lens technology are attractive to buyers. Knowing what they are and how to present them is what sets successful wrap sun lens sellers apart from the unsuccessful ones.

From smartphones to tablets to the latest televisions, people today are enamored with the idea of bringing advanced technology into their lives. Wrap sun lenses can be included in this category, so be sure to let the potential buyer know this. Your goal is to have patients understand that wrap sun lenses are a technologically advanced product-not just your father’s old sun lenses.

These lenses’ high base curves require Rx compensation, and their maximum benefits are revealed when they are processed with free-form technology. You’ll also need to take measurements, including vertex distance, wrap angle, and pantoscopic tilt, in addition to monocular PDs. Explain that these lenses require measurements so they can be made to exacting powers (0.01D). Be sure to use high-tech tools to take these measurements, as selling high-tech lenses while using a PD stick and a 50-cent marker for measurements does not convey the high-tech concept.

It’s also critical that you explain the many high-tech lens add-ons available for wrap sun lenses. These options make wrap sun lenses amazingly functional and versatile. One way to capitalize on this trend is to have posters, countercards, and other materials that show athletes and celebrities wearing wrapped sunwear. The more you can project the image of wrapped sunwear, the more desirable they’ll be in the eyes of your patient.

Presenting wrap sun lenses is about creating an appealing image of the product and providing information so your patient can make an informed decision. If you do these things right, you may be surprised at how much your wrap sunwear sales grow.

Frank Gimbel, Jr., is an advanced certified optician and owner of Gimbel Eye Associates in Wayne, PA.



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