A smart way to meet patient’s UV-blocking, computer, and reading visual needs, the current crop of clip-ons knows how to multi-task. 

Despite the fact that manufacturers and ECPs are hard at work trying to double their Rx sales, patients may still be reluctant to shell out big bucks for Rx sunglasses. Enter the affordable sun clip-on, which is truly a win-win for patients and practices.

“Most ECPs and dispensers are
primarily focused on selling a second pair of Rx sunwear as their first option, but clip-ons and over-the-glasses sunwear provide convenience and simplicity,” says Donna Marasco Quigg, Hilco’s senior product manager. Compatible with metal or plastic frames, Hilco’s Glide-Fit SunClips combine the easy-on/-off utility of a spring bridge with a patent-pending “slip over” clip that prevents damage to the lenses.


OptiSource’s popular True Rectangle 54mm, DRXmm, and Rectangle 54mm styles provide Ever-Crimp hooks use no screws or rivets, .7mm Tri-Acetate Cellulose (TAC) lenses, and an adjustable nosebridge and hooks, all in a featherweight package that can be offered by ECPs. While wearers may be tempted to purchase on the Internet, Marketing Manager Julian Pabon says this may wind up costing them more-in time and money. “The patient is always taking the risk of receiving a product that won’t fit their glasses and deal with the hassle of returning it and not receiving full credit for their purchase.”

J. Brad Conrey, Operations Director/Owner of Icessories, also believes that ECPs can direct more sales their way if they maintain a wide assortment. “Patients don’t have the time to shop optometrist to optometrist looking for their brand of choice,” Conrey says. “But if they knew their brand was available down the street at a fair price, they would shop there first.”


Known for a drill-mounted rimless style that allows ECPs to customize the product for each patient and have a competitive advantage, Fantom Optics’ has launched its own lab for the company’s patented, polarized clip-ons. “We’re trying to educate the doctor to train and educate the frontline people and compensate them for the additional revenue,” explains President Daniel Galles. Fantom’s Evolution is a semi-rimless “no top bar” custom clip that mounts behind the bridge and the Ultimate sports a top bar clip that works well for a variety of frames. “Our clip is so light that it floats,” Galles says. “But our wholesalers don’t want them to float-they want them to sink so the customer will buy more!”


These handy accessories can also do more than block the sun-demand for specialty clip-ons for computer, digital device, and reading use is on the rise, according to David Salk, eClips’ founder and CEO. eClips has a partnership with Eye Solution Technologies’ Blutech lenses and makes custom clips that block high-energy visible light for any frame. Its newest design, ILLUSION, has a thin memory wire bridge that almost disappears. For sales guidance, eClips offers a computer vision demo kit for ECPs that uses the brand’s flip-up clip chassis that can fit over a progressive lens.

Visionaries by ShadeControl, distributed by Ron’s Optical, offers the Hydrotac Stick-on bifocal lenses that adhere with water and are removable, reusable, and leave no residue, according to Debbie Rodriguez, director of operations.

Eyenavision, Inc.’s Chemistrie Plus lenses with a standard green anti-reflective coating for reading come in powers ranging from +.50D to +2.50D in .25D increments while Chemistrie Blue for electronics comes in plano through +2.00D, also in .25D increments. Eyenavision President Joe Zewe explains, “As ECPs and consumers become educated about digital eyestrain, ECPs can be more successful in dispensing a clip-on product as opposed to a tinted primary lens.”

Michele Silver is managing editor of VCPN.



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