Buying lenses through MyLens Club is an effective alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar optical labs.

MyLens Club offers ECPs an effective and user-friendly way to keep up with online dispensaries.

With the ever-increasing number of Internet-based optical dispensaries, eyecare professionals (ECPs) need to remain competitive while offering state-of-the-art products. MyLens Club is an online lens distribution company designed to empower ECPs to do just that.

No frills and gimmick-free, MyLens Club offers about 20 collections of what it calls “high definition,” or “HD” progressive addition lenses (PALs), together with a selection of personalized lenses in all materials and indices. The company uses the term “HD” to describe PALs that are either free-form surfaced conventionally designed PALs, or free-form surfaced individualized free-form designed PALs.

Although finishing services are available, MyLens Club primarily sells “uncuts” to ECPs with on-site lens finishing capabilities. The company was created with five years of international research behind it, giving it groundwork for the ability to provide ECPs with quality products at the right price.

Lenses are divided into four categories: Classic, Good, Better, and Best. ECPs select the lenses and options they want for an order in an à la carte fashion of features like index of refraction, multilayer anti-reflective (AR) treatments, photochromics, warranties, finishing, etc. According to the company, the Web site offers savings of up to 60% over competing major players in the wholesale lens industry. All 1.5 index lenses are guaranteed for delivery in seven days (or less) or the next pair is free. Premium, scratch-resistant coatings, and AR treatments offer both one- and two-year warranties, depending on the option selected.


MyLens Club strives to help ECPs compete with Internet eyewear providers that sell directly to consumers.

MyLens Club strives to help ECPs compete with Internet eyewear providers that sell directly to consumers. The company believes that high lens prices are the driving force behind patients purchasing eyewear online rather than directly from ECPs. If the independent practice can reduce its lens costs, it can decrease its prices to the consumer or increase its profit margin. This can make a significant difference to the financial stability of a large or small optical business, especially in these difficult economic times.

Buying lenses through MyLens Club is a user-friendly alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar optical laboratories. Its product selection and pricing make it appealing to many ECPs.

Andrew S. Bruce is the Optical Manager at Watters Vision Care, a private optometric practice in Battle Ground, WA.


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