Patients receive full sunglass-level UV protection in their regular clear lenses through ZEISS UVProtect Technology.

Patients need to protect their eyes from the damage posed by exposure to UV. Their best line of defense has been sunglasses, but based on recent studies, only 24% of adults and 5% of children consistently wear sunglasses when outdoors. This leaves patients at the mercy of their clear lenses for protection.

Unfortunately, most clear lenses do not offer the same level of protection as sunglasses – until now! New ZEISS UVProtect Technology offers patients full sunglass-level UV protection in their regular clear lenses, keeping patients protected all the time.

Many lenses today claim UV protection but miss up to 40% of the harmful direct UV radiation because they don’t block up to 400 nanometers. This exposure is directly linked to photoaging (premature aging of the skin due to UV exposure), cancer and cataracts (the leading cause of blindness).

The World Health Organization has established 400 nanometers (UV400) as the recommended standard for UV eye protection – the highest protection available in premium sunglasses. Historically, our industry has accepted 380 nanometers as the standard of UV protection for clear lenses, largely due to the fact that this was the highest level of protection that lens manufacturers could achieve in the most common materials without compromising clarity. ZEISS has changed all this.

The introduction of ZEISS UVProtect Technology bridges a critical gap in UV protection in clear lenses – from the previous 380 nanometers in clear lenses to now complete UV400 protection.

“This is the first time that sunglass-level UV protection will be available in all clear lenses, giving eyeglasses wearers effortless protection for their eyes and eyelids,” said Jens Boy, president of ZEISS Vision North America. “Not only does UVProtect Technology establish a new standard of care in the eyecare industry, this technology will now come standard in all ZEISS plastic eyeglass lenses.”

This new technology allows all plastic materials to perform with the same clarity and optical characteristics they currently do but eliminates the gap in UV protection.


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