The Maui Jim Brilliant lens offers glass lens clarity in a lightweight material. 

From the consumer aspect, there are a lot of confusing options and advertising to filter through when it comes to wearing shades. As dispensing eyecare professionals, having the knowledge on the latest and greatest lens options, combined with precision sun optics, is one key way to set your location apart from the pack and become your patients’ go-to spectacle place for life. Among the most recent lenses on the market is the MauiBrilliant, brought to us from the lens gurus at Maui Jim.

Welcome to Color 

For decades, Maui Jim has brought us to a world of vibrant color out in the sun. The company’s latest lens, MauiBrilliant is its most advanced polarized material to date. It offers optical clarity comparable to standard glass sun lenses yet is only one third of the weight. This feature is highly important for sunglass wearers, especially those with higher prescriptions who complain about how heavy their sunglasses are after their lenses are put in. Hardcore sun enthusiasts also often pursue glass lenses for the clarity. With the new MauiBrilliant, complete quality sunglasses with glass-style clarity from Maui Jim can weigh as little as 0.6 ounces.

The Material 

Every lens from Maui Jim is polarized and offers superior sun protection with its Polarized Plus 2 technology. What makes MauiBrilliant extremely unique is the blending of its impact and scratch resistance, combined with its Abbe value of 56 and lightweight specific gravity of 1.00. This lens improves upon the company’s MauiPure material, with an Abbe of 52, but takes it to a whole new level, offering the MauiBrilliant lens available with prescriptions. The end result is a lens with properties that block 100% of harmful UV rays, 95% of HEV light and 99.9% of glare.


The MauiBrilliant is an injection-molded polarized lens, and all prescriptions are produced in the company’s own lab in Peoria, IL. The process includes digital lens design MauiPassport surfacing technology, providing the widest possible view and greatly reduced distortion. Maui Jim uses digitally compensated back surface lens technology to eliminate the “swim effect” for faster adaption and direct surfacing to enhance optical accuracy to fall within 0.01D of clarity.

Lens Options 

Traditionally, high-tech sun lenses such as the MauiBrilliant were only offered in plano, and when one needed a prescription, the material was substituted for a generic quality lens with reduced options. The MauiBrilliant is different and is available in single vision and progressive lens offerings with combined power prescriptions ranging from +3.00D to -6.50D. Prescription lenses are offered in all four Maui lens colors, including the popular neutral gray and HCL bronze tones. Additional options include the new Blue Hawaii Mirror coating and Maui Gradient and Bi-Gradient lens treatments. The MauiBrilliant lens is available in over 90% of frame offerings from the Maui Jim collection and will be expanding as new models are released.

Frank Gimbel, BA, ABO-AC, FNAO, HFOAA, is an advanced certified optician and owner of Gimbel Opticians in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

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