Pre-packaged cleaning supplies will help you provide patients with product solutions specific to their eyewear, lenses and lifestyle.

Eyecare professionals (ECPs) often provide a small bottle of lens cleaner and a cleaning cloth with new eyewear. Once these complimentary supplies are depleted, patients will want to replenish them, and one of the following cleaning packages could be just what they are looking for.


For everything in one handy bottle, OptiSource offers Mini Clean. The 1 oz. refillable travel-size bottle can easily stash in a pocket, purse or carrying case. A 4- x 5-inch microfiber cloth is conveniently stored inside the cap to help keep it clean while not in use, and the lens cleaner’s formula is safe and effective on all lenses and coatings.

For those who prefer a more sporty option, the Aktiv from OptiSource is an ideal option. This compact kit includes a refillable 0.33 oz. spray cleaner and a silky microfiber cloth attached with a strap that retracts when pulled. The kit also features a handy carabiner that conveniently attaches to any loop.

For patients desiring a flat bottle, Custom Clean from OptiSource conveniently slips into pockets and purses. Add a custom-cut cloth in a plastic carrying case that adheres to the back of the Custom Clean bottle so it’s always handy.

CalOptix offers a specially formulated cleaning solution that has been put through rigorous testing to reassure patients that their lenses will not be damaged. ECPs can create their own customized packages complete with a bottle of cleaning solution, a microfiber cloth and even a screwdriver in case patients experience a loose temple.

For patients who prefer an alcohol-free lens cleaner, Nanofilm’s CLARITY FREE breaks down oils and dirt on contact resulting in a streak-free finish. This cleaner is available in 2 oz. and 6 oz. bottles.


If you are looking for something that can be personalized with your practice information, Amcon offers the choice of eco-friendly paper or plastic bags with a 1 oz. or 2 oz. lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth. The cleaning cloths come in eight different colors, and you can customize imprinting for the bag, cleaner and cloth.

Since 1970, Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI) has featured the Simply Clean Lens Cleaner, which cleans all lens materials with or without anti-reflective coatings. Not only will this cleaner remove dust, dirt, grime and fingerprints on eyeglasses, it can also effectively clean computer screens, CDs, cameras, binoculars, chrome, paint, mirrors and more. Simply Clean Lens Cleaner is available in 1 oz., 2 oz., 4 oz. and 8 oz. bottles that can be private labeled for your practice. It’s also available in quarts and gallons for economical refilling.

Stormin’ Norman’s customer care kit comes in a clear vinyl drawstring pouch to ensure the contents don’t spill out in a purse, backpack or briefcase. Included is a 2 oz. bottle of anti-reflective lens cleaner and a 6- x 6-inch deluxe or classic microfiber cloth. Stormin’ Norman’s also offers custom imprinting on the kits to help with name marketing and brand recognition of your practice.


Hilco can help you address not only your customer’s cleaning needs but their altruism as well. For example, the Think Pink package will show that you support the Breast Cancer Foundation because a contribution is made to the BCA organization with every purchase. This package includes a 20 ml. lens cleaner and embossed 6- x 7-inch pink microfiber cloth in a vinyl storage pouch.

Sometimes patients want a handy cleaning option in their car. Hilco’s Croakies Visor Clip Refillable Optical Care Kit with Universal Repair Tool could be just the answer. The kit includes a 6- x 5 1/2-inch scratch-free microfiber cloth, a 22 ml. lens cleaner spray bottle and a Universal Repair Tool to fix glasses. The Repair Tool comes with a Phillips and flat-blade screwdriver as well as a hex tool. The kit is easy to store on a car visor and is made of durable plastic.

The SUN Care Kit from Hilco will help sunglasses stay bright. The packaging effectively communicates the kit’s use and includes a 1 oz. spray lens cleaner, one microfiber lens cleaning cloth and samples of 10 Ultra Soft lens wipes. It can be easily stowed in a car, beach bag or backpack for all the outdoor enthusiasts and commuters you fit with sunwear.

For the special needs of athletes and their sports performance eyewear, Hilco’s SPORT Care Kit is the ideal product solution to keep their sports performance eyewear clean and fog free. The package includes a 1 oz. spray lens cleaner, a microfiber lens cleaning cloth and a sample of the Anti-Fog Buster.

While most ECPs think of cleaners and cloths as complimentary, they should also be considered a revenue generator for purchase in the dispensary. In addition to several options available for general use, there are also specific lifestyle packages for highly active customers or those seeking a compact and convenient cleaning solution.

Joy L. Gibb, ABOC, is the lead optician at Daynes Eye and Lasik in Bountiful, UT.

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