Style No. CE609S (top); Style No. CE2104 (bottom).

Prior to 1952, high-end fashion clothing was only available as made-to-measure custom orders. Gaby Aghion believed that this process was lacking something. She followed her instincts and developed the first-ever, “off the rack,” high-quality, body-conscious clothing line, naming it Chloé. It became the original house of luxury ready-to-wear fashion, a move that revolutionized the fashion industry. The elegance of Chloé fashion was worn by such notables as Jacqueline Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, and Grace Kelly. In 2002, Chloé expanded its reach into shoes, small leather goods, bags, and then perfume. Today Marchon Eyewear brings the innovative look of Chloé to the eyewear industry.

Style No. CE106S (left); Style No. CE2608 (right).

Chloé’s spring/summer collection for 2013 embodies the iconic elements seen throughout the brand’s fashion selections. Offered in both ophthalmic and sunwear styles, this line harmonizes classic coloration and soft shapes to complement the feminine silhouette. The woman who is youthful at heart, sophisticated in an effortless way, and considers purchases to be investments, will be drawn to the collection. The line uses leather, mirrors, and Swarovski crystals to add refinement and value to the look.

The Ophthalmics
The ophthalmic collection includes 28 selections. Style Nos. CE2104 and CE2105 feature a combination of acetate and metal. Style No. CE2104 is a square shape while Style No. CE2105 uses a rounded form. Each of these frames uses colorful enamel along the strong browline and matching acetate temples. Distinctive colors options give them flair.

Style No. CE620S (top); Style No. CE2105 (bottom).

Style No. CE2600 utilizes the brand’s signature polished metal zipper detail to accent the shape of this stylish acetate frame. The zipper detail extends to the metal endpieces, which feature the engraving of the Chloé logo. Contrasting colors blended together for an eye-catching cool color effect are used on Style No. CE2608. The color options will grab attention and complement a wide variety of personal tastes.

The Suns
Elegance is present in the sunwear collection too. Each of the 23 sunglasses has its own distinctive Chloé fashionable look. Style No. CE106S celebrates this theme with a gradient lens shield accented with a polished metal zipper detail that flows along the brow. The temples hold the engraved Chloé logo. It is available in light gunmetal, light brown, and gold, a perfect look for your fashion-forward patients.

Style No. CE600S is an uplifting cat-eye shape that boasts enamel-filled metal color caps to accentuate and adorn the frame front. Each colored cap is enunciated with a delicate metal line, which reflects a broad metal ring that has the engraved Chloé logo just under the hinges. Rich color options make this style pop.

The Chloé eye for detail is shown in acetate Style No. CE620S. The classic cat-eye shape is adorned with unique metal clip details that you have to see to appreciate.

Style No. CE2600 (left); Style No. CE600S (right).

Offering the Brand
Marchon offers classically simple point-of-purchase items for the collection. For example, the eyewear display rack and trays give you the opportunity to let it speak for itself. A matching view mirror rounds out the other P-O-P items. The eyewear cases also share the clean simplicity of the brand.

Whether it’s for ophthalmic use or for sunwear, Chloé’s fashion sense makes good sense for eyewear buyers.

Jill J. Luebbert is a certified paraoptometric and optician practicing in northeast Nebraska.


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