Scandinavian design brings with it an expectation of sleek lines and a clean look.

Over the years, Scandinavian design has become synonymous with a number of traits: bright colors, simplicity, function, high quality, and great looks. While most of us associate these concepts with furniture (thanks to IKEA), a number of frame companies also embody the spirit of this region’s characteristic design, often with unique materials used in unusual ways. The following are just a few of the Scandinavian eyewear companies offering appealing, updated designs this season for both women and men.

From southern Scandinavia, ProDesign Eyewear of Denmark has made its mark in the U.S. The use of color and unusual material combinations make ProDesign frames stand out. The frames are playful, colorful, and made from quality materials that offer long-lasting durability. And while the styling is new and vibrant, it often builds on historically inspired concepts.

LINDBERG has consistently produced frames that are light and functional, and which feature the finest materials. Also from Denmark, LINDBERG takes a less-is-more approach but it does so with some unusual materials like buffalo horn, diamonds, gold, and platinum. This is high-end personalized eyewear of uncompromising quality. The Strip 9700 series features full-rimmed frames made of titanium. Each lens has a surrounding inner rim that extends beyond the outer rim, and is made of special heat-treated acetate. These frames are fully customizable, with a choice of temple lengths and nosepad designs.

Jacob Kilsgaard has worked closely with the Danish architectural firm Bonnelycke MDD to design frames that function well, have good structural integrity, and are timeless. (Kilsgaard is the founder of the company, and co-owns it with Jakob Roepstorff.) The architectural aspect turned into single screw mountings (one screw for both hinge and eyewire). The design aspect added the finest optical acetate for color and style. Aluminum reduces weight dramatically and adds strength.

But aluminum isn’t the only material the company uses. Kilsgaard has also introduced a classical line of acetate frames with 12 shapes, handmade in Japan.

The design philosophy of Ørgreen Optics is to produce the finest eyewear from the finest materials with a commitment to quality and timeless style with a bit of whimsy. The materials are titanium and beta titanium. The design process is centered in Denmark, and the manufacturing is completed in Japan. Each frame can take up to six months to complete, due to the complex coloring process. For women, Tilda is worth a look, and named after actress Tilda Swinton. For the men, check out Malcolm, a rock-star-inspired sun style.

The Skaga brand from Scandinavian Eyewear (distributed by Marchon Eyewear) has a heritage that dates back to 1948 and is based in the forests of Jönköping in SmÃ¥land, Sweden. The company is always seeking new technologies and materials that can be incorporated into its designs. The line features titanium fronts and temples, full frames and corded semi-rimless, matte colors, and lightweight yet durable construction. The designs are no nonsense with clean lines and an attention to detail. (For more, see “Skaga Speaks for Itself.”)

Whether it’s for work or play, the right eyewear needs to offer wearers simplicity, function, high quality, and great looks. Scandinavian eyewear embodies all of these characteristicsÂ-isn’t that what you want for your patients?

Sharon Leonard is a licensed optician and contact lens practitioner in the Syracuse, NY, area.


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