The WaveLens Pro lensometer is not only high-tech, it’s super easy to use with a push-button operation.

Briot/Visionix’s new automated wavefront lensometer offers a variety of advanced technology.

The WaveLens Pro is the latest generation of automated lensometers from Briot USA/Visionix Inc. Its impressive Visionix Hartman Wavefront 3-D technology provides precise accuracy and its computerization delivers a simple to obtain, but comprehensive set of measuring parameters.

The WaveLens Pro lensometer detects all types of lenses including progressives, single vision, near environment lenses, and bifocals. Don’t be concerned about different brands of progressives, the WaveLens Pro can read all brands of lenses. In fact it reads not only distance and near zones, each point on the lens is calculated. That means that free-form lenses are no longer a big unknown because the entire lens can be analyzed in a snap. With this feature, different lens designs including long corridor, short corridor, free-form, and traditional progressives can be easily identified and compared.

The WaveLens Pro lensometer is not only high-tech; it’s super easy to use with a push-button operation. The instrument’s distinctive lens holder system allows the eyeglass frame or lens to be inserted into the lensometer with just one hand. Once the frame is in place, the rest is a piece of cake; simply push the brightly lit button. In addition to the WaveLens Pro being completely automated, it has a robotic feature too. When a lens is placed in the reading area, the instrument moves it into place and the wavefront sensor measures 1,350 data points on the lens. Sphere, cylinder, axis, add power, pupillary distance, and prism measurements are all promptly available on the display.

QUICK AND QUIET PHOROPTER Thinking of making your office even more automated? The VisionPro digital phoropter by Visionix Inc. should fit right in. This automated phoropter is fully motorized and boasts the smallest phoropter head available in the world of autophoropters. The quiet and quick operation is intuitive and connects wirelessly to its keyboard as well as to the WaveLens Pro lensometer. Tests can be customized and chosen right from the touch screen and an LED light is integrated for near vision testing.

Eyecare professionals can adjust and view the instrument’s readings comfortably thanks to the tiltable screen. The results are easy to read on the color screen while the integrated printer quickly provides a hard copy of the data if desired. And don’t worry about needing to clear off an entire counter for this lensometer. It is small: 8.66 in. long x 17.9 in. high footprint makes the WaveLens Pro an easy fit in any office. Weighing in at 20 lbs., the unit is easy to move and its 7-in. LCD color screen is clear and bright.

The WaveLens Pro lensometer integrates with the Visionix VisionPro digital phoropter by Bluetooth. It can even integrate with other brands of digital phoropters via wiring. After neutralizing the patient’s eyeglasses, the Rx from the eyeglasses is sent to the phoropter so the refractionist has a starting point for the subjective refraction. This saves time for both the refractionist and the patient.

The wide measuring range of +10.00D to -15.00D for the sphere power and 0.00D to 10.00D for cylinder power can be read in 0.01D, 0.06D, 0.125D, and 0.25D increments. Add power range reads up to +3.50D and prism ranges from 0.0 Δ to 10.0Δ. The PD measurement can be set for monocular or binocular and cylinder is displayed in minus or plus cylinder form.

Visionix has the experience and knowledge to keep on the cutting edge of wavefront technology and you can keep your office current with the accurate and efficient WaveLens Pro lens analyzer.

Kim Pickett is a certified ophthalmic medical technologist and ophthalmic writer in Minneapolis, MN.


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