In 1986, Bill Jordon, founder of Spartan Archery Products, wanted to expand the designs of the company’s t-shirt collection and opted to try a camouflage pattern. Jordon started with the basics—he began to sketch a replica of the oak tree in his parents’ backyard and from that the Realtree camo brand was born. Today, there are more than 10,000 products featuring Realtree camo including apparel, accessories, footwear, jewelry, home décor, bedding, and iPhone and iPad accessories. Realtree is a preferred brand among outdoor enthusiasts and is known as a symbol of quality. Nouveau Eyewear’s Realtree Eyewear collection taps into this huge group of consumers.

The Realtree eyewear line is available in a host of models for women, men, and kids. Women can choose from seven tastefully detailed camo styles. There are over 20 selections for men, including five in a “Big Man Fit” that offers extended headroom. The younger set has five options from which to choose. You’ll find sunwear selections in this collection also.

R469 is a semi-rimless men’s style. It has a metal rectangular frame front and temples with the Realtree distinguishing camo design on the outside and a complementary solid color on the inside. Also for men, full-rimmed R474 features a rectangular frame front that boasts a solid color followed through to the interior of the temples; the exterior hosts the camo design with the Realtree signature.

A combination frame with a plastic front, R475 has a unique metal temple with a hint of mint or fuchsia camo in a flattering addition at the front portion. The color tones are complemented on the plastic inlay on the inside of the frame front and temples. Plastic R476 uses “girly” colors tastefully designed in mint or fuchsia camo throughout the frame front and temples. This square shape has a deep B measurement.

The distinguishing larger cat-eye shape is used in the R562 plastic sunwear option. Nouveau lets the camo enhance the look with an eye-catching design riding on the upper temple. It’s also Rxable.

The combination rectangular shape of R459 for boys is available in black and matte gray. Girls and boys will like the grownup look of plastic R458 with the camo pattern flowing on the temples.

Nouveau supports the Realtree eyewear collection with countercards, a poster, and a six-piece display. Each ophthalmic selection comes with a black clamshell case. A black pouch featuring the Realtree logo houses the sun styles.

The Realtree collection reaches out to those who have a passion for the outdoors and the camo look with selections that can be worn in the classroom, in the boardroom, or in a tree stand.

Jill J Luebbert is a certified paraoptometric and optician practicing in northeast Nebraska.

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