Shamir Arch App for
Wrap Frames Prescriptions

Eyecare professionals can now know instantly if a patient’s prescription is compatible with the wrap frame they selected. Users input patient PD, material index and frame measurements and the app calculates the range of prescriptions suitable for that particular frame. Shamir Arch is available to download at the Apple Store and Google Play. A desktop version is also available. 877.514.8330,
Kodak Lens Dispensing Software Improves Accuracy
Signet Armorlite Inc. launched an improved version of its Kodak Lens Intelligent Dispensing Software (Kodak Lens ids), which is easier to use and incorporates advanced features such as a new “spirit level” function that simplifies measuring and improves accuracy. An updated Frame Reference Device (FRED) is more durable and provides more consistent results with enhanced visual simulations and augmented reality technology to improve the dispensing process. Kodak Lens ids doesn’t require installation or separate downloads. 800.759.0075,
Patient Portal Tools
Integrate With MaximEyes

New Advanced Patient Portal tools from First Insight Corp. help maximize office efficiency with online welcome and medical history forms, scheduling and faxing. The tools integrate with both MaximEyes EHR and practice management software and eliminate time-consuming practices such as printing and scanning of documents and scheduling appointments by phone. 800.920.1940,
Vuzix updates
M300 Smart Glasses

This next generation of Vuzix Smart Glasses, the M300 is equipped with enhanced functionality for commercial applications based on a platform using the Intel Atom processor. As an Android-based wearable computer, the M300 features a monocular display and onboard processor, large internal storage, recording features and wireless connectivity capabilities. The M300 is compatible with many Android apps and provides most of the same capabilities of a smartphone in a wearable device. 800.436.7838,

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