Available as a wall-mounted version or a stand-up unit, the Rodenstock Competence Center enables ECPs to demonstrate frames and lenses to patients. Its matching supplementary iPad app can be downloaded for free. The display provides space to present both frames and lenses, providing a physical experience for the patient to choose the right coatings and tints. Six different lens modules are available in addition to various eyewear modules for up to six frames.

German lens manufacturer Rodenstock re-entered the U.S. market in September 2015 when it began offering finished lenses through its partnership with the EGMA lab in Dallas. Using its proprietary technology, the lens prescription is sent to Rodenstock’s facilities in Germany, where the Rx is optimized and sent to the lab in Dallas for digital surfacing.,

Patients can see how specific lenses enliven color, reduce glare, heighten contrast and sharpen detail simply by looking through the viewfinder of the PreViews 3D Sunlens Demonstrator from Western Optical Supply. The device shows three-dimensional scenes as viewed by the naked eye and then as seen with the benefits of a specialty lens. This specialized marketing tool demonstrates anti-reflective coatings and the benefits of various lens types. The patented demonstrator is available in a starter kit that includes the viewer, counter display and any five disks. Available generic categories include presbyopic multifocal, polarized brown, blue blocker, and anti-reflection. Branded products include Transitions, Serengeti Driver, Corning CPF 527-S and Bollé Irex 100. 800.423.3294,


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