With a small footprint, eXpression is a compact device that fits in nearly any dispensary.
eXpression’s specially designed eyepiece blocker allows ECPs to check lens size and reduce parallax.

With its latest edger system, Briot helps ECPs perform an impressive array of finishing functions at an attractive price. 

Briot USA, a long-time leader in the optical industry, recently launched its newest edger, eXpression. This system offers a high-tech, cost-effective, all-in-one edger that’s perfect for eyecare professionals (ECPs) who want to remain on the cutting edge of technology. ECPs are always looking for ways to streamline their practices, create and deliver quality eyewear, and increase patient satisfaction. eXpression by Briot enables them to achieve those objectives by offering a wide range of features and technology at an entry level price point.

With a small footprint, eXpression is a compact device that fits in nearly any dispensary. This all-in-one, patternless edging system incorporates a tracer, blocker, and an edger with built-in grooving, polishing, and safety bevel (pin bevel) features, and edges all materials including glass. eXpression is designed specifically for practices that do not wish to drill. All edging features are available through a new, easy-to-use, and comprehensive touch screen. Polishing of V and Flat bevels, guided grooving with variable width and depth, and front and rear safety beveling (pin beveling) are all included. eXpression holds up to 300 jobs and 200 shapes in memory so you can provide top-quality eyewear fabrication services to your patients in the time frame they expect. The specially designed eyepiece blocker allows you to check lens size and reduce parallax.

The eXpression performs extremely accurate tracing facilitated by a scanning device that traces frames or patterns. The shape modification feature takes the guesswork out of cutting lenses. There are multiple options for A and B dimension adjustments on the user-friendly data entry screen. This feature is especially helpful when modifying frames for B measurements and seg heights, particularly when it comes to semi-rimless frames. In addition, an ECP can store a patient’s frame shape so they can keep wearing their current eyeglasses until the edged emergency replacement lenses are ready. This kind of service can be invaluable to patients who only have one pair of glasses.

Briot introduced an upgraded feature for this machine with its new stepper motor drive which provides improved accuracy. Its small 90mm edging wheels also provide better quality beveling tools. eXpression also showcases new lens measurement technology which delivers increased precision and an improved clamping unit provides stable clamping pressure.

Best of all, this edger is as easy to set up as it is to use. It only requires a standard 120V, 20-amp circuit and direct water supply. Simply attach to a water source, plug in your machine, and you’re ready to edge. As with all Briot edging systems, eXpression comes with a two-year warranty.

The training to use this system is simple so staff will be up and running in no time. The Briot team, which is known for its superior technical service, will show ECPs and their staff how such a high-tech piece of equipment can be easily operated.

Briot’s eXpression edger system offers versatility in finishing at an affordable price. From an in-office lab perspective, what could be better than that?

Paul DiGiovanni is a licensed optician and co-owner of DiGiovanni Optical Group in Glendora, NJ.


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