The Zeiss Individual SV allows for precise personalization of each prescription by using vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, and face-form wrap measurements.

Zeiss Individual SV allows single vision wearers to experience the same optimum visual experience as progressive wearers who benefit from free-form technology.

Over the past few years, eyecare professionals have experienced the breakthrough development of free-form lens technology with progressive lenses and its potential for maximizing optics, reducing distortion, and providing the crispest and clearest lenses for patients. Now this same revolutionary technology is available in single vision form with the Zeiss Individual™ SV from Carl Zeiss Vision. The company claims that the lens has visual fields up to 50% wider than standard single vision optics and that it’s a one-of-a-kind lens for all of your non-presbyopic patients seeking premium single vision lens optics.

Through the enhancement of aspheric and atoric lens design, single vision lenses have been greatly improved over the last couple of decades. The Zeiss Individual SV takes this improvement to a completely different level, allowing for precise personalization of each prescription by using vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, and face-form wrap measurements in the lens calculations. Since standard lens production has historically grouped prescriptions into categories, linking them to the closest base curve the manufacturer has for the prescription, power errors up to 0.75D can result when the eye glances away from the optical center of the lens.

Using free-form technology, the Zeiss Individual SV optimizes each lens in increments of 0.01D to reduce unwanted distortion and other optical aberrations. The intricate prescription algorithms required to produce these lenses takes each Rx into account individually and customizes it. In doing so, the company claims the lenses will meet the level of performance patients perceived in the exam room with their trial frame fitting. Carl Zeiss Vision states that this visual quality is delivered by the same principles of backside free-form technology its PAL version of this lens uses, which also provides a thinner and flatter lens design.

Finally, each pair gets a personalized patient engraving along with an authenticity card, confirming this truly is a Zeiss Individual SV lens. The patient can even register the lenses online.

The Zeiss Individual SV comes in a wide array of materials so it will easily accommodate any wearer or situation. In clear form, it can be obtained in 1.50 ADC (a CR-39® material equivalent), 1.59 polycarbonate, 1.60, and 1.67 high-index materials. It can be ordered in Transitions® VI Gray or Brown in 1.50 ADC, 1.59 polycarbonate, and 1.67 high index. And if the patient is in need of a sun lens, Zeiss Individual SV is available in NuPolar® Polarized Gray or Brown in 1.50 ADC and 1.59 polycarbonate materials. For anti-reflective applications, the Zeiss Individual SV comes with Zeiss’s premium PureCoat™, Teflon® Clear Coat, and Carat® Advantage. Special order tints are also available on the 1.50 ADC material by request.

The Zeiss Individual SV lens is produced by Carl Zeiss Vision laboratories in addition to three certified Carl Zeiss Vision customized lens partner labs: Expert Optics (Shorewood, IL); Perfect Optics (Vista, CA); and Three Rivers Optical (Pittsburgh, PA). It is also produced by US Optical (East Syracuse, NY), Robertson Optical (Loganville, GA, among other locations), Lab-Italee (Los Angeles, CA), and Legends 4.0 (Lewisville, TX).

Give your single vision patients the same level of visual comfort and clarity your presbyopes have been receiving by offering the new Zeiss Individual SV.

Francis Gimbel, Jr. is an optician, private consultant, and manager of the PENN Optical Department at the University of Pennsylvania.for Eye Care in Maumee, OH.

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