To re-introduce itself, Rodenstock combines its lens and frame products in a single display known as the Competence Center.

Promoting itself as offering a “system of better vision” that combines both frames and lenses, German eyewear provider Rodenstock has re-entered the U.S. market. To help eyecare professionals demonstrate its complete range of products, the company offers the Rodenstock Competence Center for display in optical dispensaries.

Available as a wall-mounted version or a stand-up unit, the Rodenstock Competence Center offers space to present both frames and lenses, providing a physical experience for the patient to choose the right coatings and tints as well. Six different lens modules are available in addition to various eyewear modules for up to six frames. Its matching supplementary iPad app can be downloaded for free.

After re-entering the U.S. market in September of 2015 when it began offering finished lenses through its partnership with the EGMA lab in Dallas, the company is following its success with that model by pursuing partnerships with other labs throughout other regions of the country.

The company’s model for manufacturing lenses involves proprietary technology in which the lens prescription is sent to Rodenstock’s facilities in Germany, where the Rx is optimized and returned to the U.S. for digital surfacing.

In addition to its lens technology, Rodenstock also offers five brands of frames-Claudia Schiffer, Jil Sander, Bogner, Rocco and Mercedes Benz Style. Among the unique features of its frames are different sizes and bridge widths among the models.

John Sailer is editorial director of First Vision Media Group.

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